The Black Devil title has been used to quite a lot of vehicles over the course of articles. But if one car stands out with the title, it will be today’s Ford Endeavour Black Devil.  This SUV has been regarded as one of the boldest/attractive looking SUVs in India. People at Autobacs India have customized one such second-generation Ford Endeavour and transformed it into a mammoth beast. Find out below about Ford Endeavour Black Devil Modification.

What is the main difference?

Ford Endeavour Black Devil

The Ford Endeavour here is one of the first Endeavours in India to get a seven-inch suspension lift kit. Now as the name suggests, this kit increases the stance of the SUV and makes it look much more mean/bold compared to the stock SUV.

Ford Endeavour Black Devil

The additional things which accentuate its large size even further are 20-inch 10J monster rims which come wrapped with beefy Goodrich MT tires, 8-inch Fender flares and robust-looking monotube with nitrogen sub-tank with 12-step adjustability.

Ford Endeavour Black Devil

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Cosmetic Changes

Ford Endeavour Black Devil

The main reason for the Black Devil name is the custom black colour with blacked-out accents all over the SUV.  Additional equipment includes Raptor X series body kit all around the body. At the front, it gets carbon finished hood, MCC ranger snorkel, X glide roof lights, aftermarket projector headlamps with colour changing DRLs and Ford Raptor grille.

At the back too, this modified Ford Endeavour comes with some changes such as LED pillar spotlights, redesigned LED inserts in the tail lamps and rear reflectors. All the chrome and silver-finished components of this modified vehicle are treated in an all-black theme. All these cosmetic updates will help this SUV stand out in any scenario.

Ford Endeavour Black Devil

More about the Ford Endeavour

The changes in this custom-built Endeavour are restricted to only the exterior. The interior cabin, and the turbocharged diesel engine of this SUV, has been left untouched. This particular Ford Endeavour is the pre-facelift version which has a 3.2-litre five-cylinder turbocharged diesel engine (200 PS/470 Nm) coupled to a 6-speed automatic transmission.

In its latest version, the Ford Endeavour gets a subtler 2.0-litre four-cylinder diesel engine (170 PS/420 Nm) mated to a more advanced 10-speed automatic gearbox.

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