Steering wheel in a car is one of the most necessary pieces of equipment present in your car.  Steering wheel failures in most cases lead to fatal accidents and harm to the passengers as well as others on road.  However, like other issues, steering wheel failure also provides some early signs. Find out below Top 5 symptoms of your Steering Wheel Failure.

1) Stiff/Loose Steering Wheel

Symptoms Steering Wheel Failure

Excess of anything is bad, and similar is the case with steering wheel.  If your steering wheel is too stiff, which requires much effort to operate or your steering wheel is too loose, leading to constant pressure on your hands, are the signs of a failing steering wheel.  You also need to pay close attention while driving to catch this symptom and it will be easier on a car you have driven regularly.

2) Steering Wheel Vibration while turning

The vibration of steering is also a not very good symptom regarding the health of your steering wheel components.  Vibration of the steering wheel during cornering means low-pressure fluid in the power steering system. The suspension can also play a role in this issue but it is better to check the steering wheel too as a precaution.

3) Moving to one side while driving

Symptoms Steering Wheel Failure

If your car automatically moves to one side of the road, don’t think it’s a ghost car.  The main reason for this symptom is out of alignment wheels. If the issue still persists after you correct the alignment of the car, the steering wheel can be the next big factor. A malfunctioning steering wheel will take wrong inputs and thus lead to near-fatal accidents.

4)Fluid Leaks

Symptoms Steering Wheel Failure

This is one of the most easy to notice symptoms of a steering wheel failure in car. If you notice an oil puddle beneath the engine bay, it can be a steering problem. Though this is not always the case, but leaking brake fluid will cause loss of pressure and will lead to problems stated above that happen when there is not enough pressure in the power steering system.

5) Burning Oil Smell

Mahindra Scorpio 2020 fire


This symptom greatly relies on your olfactory senses. A burning smell is caused by fluid reaching or leaking into an overheating part. Pressure fluid in a power steering when burning smells pretty much like burning oil and if you get even a faint hint of it, immediately stop your car and call for a mechanic. Overheating steering gearbox can and cause fires in a car. The issue if not rectified immediately may lead to further complications down the road and possible loss of control.

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