Today TVS unveiled the all-new Apache RTR 200 4V. This comes with 2 main changes which makes the already good product from TVS even better. Here is all you need to knew about the New Apache RTR 200 4V.

Rider Modes

The TVS Apache RTR 200 4V gets riders modes. No bike in the 200cc has ride modes. There are 3 modes – Rain, Urban and Sport. These can be changed on the move which further maximises usability. These riders modes also make you a better rider with changed shift indicator.


The riders modes also alter the ABS intervention and power delivery from the engine. Also, the Race Tuned slipper clutch action gets minor tweaks to work in sync with the rider modes.

As mentioned below the rider modes have been explained in detail.

modes New Apache RTR 200 4V

New colour

Apache race blue New Apache RTR 200 4V

With the introduction of all these new features, the 200 4V also gets a new Matte Blue colour which is from the Racing One Theme of Apache. This new colour of the Apache RTR 200 4V just adds a freshness to the product for those who want to buy just the Apache 200 without bothering what it offers.

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Adjustable Suspension

New Apache RTR 200 4V

Adjustable Suspension at the rear was already being offered on the TVS apache. Now to tune it further the TVS apache RTR 200 4V will also get a front adjustable suspension from Showa. These will make the bike versatile for track use as well as street use. It might also solve the problem of the bike being called stiffly sprung for city use.

Adjustable Lever

The Adjustable clutch and brake levers on the 200 4V make it a very customizable bike. This too is not offered on any other bike in the segment.

The whole point of this update is to make the RTR 200 4V more suited for the rider. Also, these updates usher the bike in a premium 200 cc segment of the market. It also gives the Apache an edge over the other bikes in the segment. With the festive season, the Apache is expected to gain a lot of picks because of these updates.

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