After the launch date being announced by Royal Enfield for the Meteor 350, the company is trying to get people excited for the event. The launch event is held on 6th November and this new teaser states the same but brings some bonous sounds along. RE Meteor 350 Thump has always been a question for the the RE fans and this new teaser gives them the same.


RE meteor images

Although there is no official Royal Enfield handle that has released the teaser the credibility is because of the presense of Vinod K Dasari. The RE Meteor 350 Thump is heard in the first part of the teaser where 2 bike are cruising on open twisty roads. It concludes with the launch date and the probable hashtag – Wait is over.

RE Meteor Confirm Information

Re meteor bro2

The RE Meteor will have 3 variants – Fireball, Stellar and Supernova. If you want to know about them in detail – Royal Enfield Meteor Variants Explained. This will be a cruiser that might serve as a replacement for the Royal Enfield Thunderbird.

RE meteor

Along with that, the bike will have modern touches while maintaining the retro image of Royal Enfield. The use of LED will be seen on almost all light and there will be an asymmetrical dual dash which will be many advances. It is expected that Royal Enfield is trying to work on the feedback with this bike.

RE Meteor 350 Thump

RE meteor 3 variants

The bike will see a slight change in the way it sounds. Also, the vibrations are expected to see a cut-down. This would be owing to a better engine overall with counterbalancers and split chassis. There is a chance that the new RE Meteor 350 Thumb will be closer to that of the Interceptor. Of course, it will be much less refined but the bike is expected to have the engine character derived from it.

Price Expectations

The RE Meteor 350 is expected to be launched at a price of Rs 1.6 lakhs to Rs 1.8 lakhs. In the classic bike segment, there are rivals like the Benelli Imperiale 400, Jawa 300 and the newly arrived Honda H’ness 350. The RE is expected to be the most value for money product in all of these only if the above-stated improvements are implemented.

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