Driving a car or bike is not only about accelerator, clutch, brake and gears. There are a lot of other factors involved which drivers should get used to maintaining their safety as well as those of other drivers.  There are also many features/functions associated with automobiles which we use incorrectly due to the lack of knowledge/out of habit.  Some of this equipment include horns, sunroof, ORVMs, high beams and hazard lamps. Find out below why Shillong Traffic Police will fine improper hazard lamp usage.

More about the law


The Shillong traffic police department has found that many motorists misuse hazard lamp usage in everyday driving. As a result the police has stated that charging penalties will be levied in case of violations of the courses under the section of 177 of the Motor Vehicle Act.  Many people at Shillong and other states use their warning lights to indicate driving straight at junctions, which is completely wrong and harmful. You are creating a lot of confusion both in the front/rear of the vehicle.  The Shillong Traffic Police, in an attempt to teach drivers, have also shared a Facebook post to teach motorists about use/misuse of hazard lamps.

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What is section 177 of MVA?

Hazard lights

Section 177 of the Motor Vehicle Act comprises general provision for punishment of offences, according to which if someone violates any provision of this Act or any rule, regulation or notification made there, then a penalty of up to Rs 100 is imposed for committing the offence on the first occasion, while on consequent offence, it may extend up to Rs 300. While the fine figures may not seem much for many, it is priceless against human lives. Whenever you break any traffic law, you put others at risk as well as yourself.

How Hazard Lights should be used?

Hazard light memes

Hazard lights are basically the warning lamps to indicate other vehicles on the road that you are stationary or have parked your vehicle. It helps the traffic to be informed of your position on the road. It can also be used if a vehicle is in a critical state/position on the road, such as an accident or breakdown. Most of the Indians use hazard lights while driving through bad weather, which is seriously a bad practice, and you should avoid doing this. Doing this sends the signal that your vehicle is stationary which can be deadly during fog/low visibility conditions.

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