Scorpio Sting is the registered trademark of the upcoming Scorpio for 2021. The different logos that might appear on the car have been trademarked under that Mahindra and Mahindra Proprietary name. Here is all that we know about the Scorpio Sting till now.

2021 Scorpio

Scopio Spyshot

The Scorpio Sting is the next-gen Scorpio for the year 2021. This car has been spotted a number of times on the road under a camouflage. The launch is expected by next year but the exact month and launch date have not been announced. These details will be clear once Mahindra unveils the SUV.

Wider Dimensions

Scorpio Sting spyshot

The Scorpio 2021 that has been spotted on the test seems to have quite a change as far as outer dimensions are considered. The length has been increased and also the tracks seem to be wider. This could result in better space inside the car or better safety.

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Petrol Engine

This time we are expecting a Petrol Engin on the Scorpio Sting. As mention on a live session, Mahindra will be pushing their gasoline engine on their lineup of SUV and the next-gen scorpio won’t be an exception. The performance expected from an SUV will be acquired with the help of this new Petrol engine that might be seen on the Scorpio Sting.

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Improved Cabin

The one place where the old Scorpio lacks is the Cabin. With the Scorpio Sting Mahindra might give a more plush cabin which is seen on higher-end Mahindra SUVs. We might also see the Scorpio share some interior bits with the Mahindra Thar.

New Platform

The 2021 Mahindra Scorpio conceptualized and designed by Mahindra’s North American Technical Centre in Detroit, United States, and their Research Valley in Chennai. The Scorpio Sting will make use of a new updated ladder frame Chassis. This new chassis will ensure better ride and Handling for the 2021 model of the Scorpio.

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