Hyundai Cars in India, are the only brand which has successfully competed against Maruti in overall sales charts. While all the Hyundai cars come with all the basic accessories, you can never fit too many accessories into a car.  Hyundai Mobis, in short, is the official accessories partner for Hyundai Cars Worldwide.  All the accessories add a special individuality to the car. Find out below about everything you need to know about Hyundai Mobis India on MotorOctane.

What is Hyundai MMP?

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Hyundai Mobis has partnered with Hyundai MMP to provide special/exclusive discounts.  Under the program, Hyundai owners can avail exclusive offers, discounts, and services on shopping, fitness, entertainment and car accessories. Initially, this program is only applicable for new Hyundai owners without enrollment/subscription fees. During the second phase, it will be extended to existing Hyundai customers.

How is Hyundai MMP beneficial?

venuie interior

Thanks to the tie-up between Hyundai Mobis and MMP, a wide range of accessories from Hyundai Mobis is now available in the Hyundai MMP mobile app.  You can download, install and register on the Hyundai MMP app via both PlayStore and AppStore.

Which products are available?

Mainly two types of accessories are available here: COVID and non-COVID related. Non-COVID related accessories include backseat organizer, neck pillow rest, boot organizer and even tyre valve caps.


The COVID pandemic has changed the way we travel in our normal lives. Under this program, you can avail exclusive discounts/offers on genuine Hyundai ‘Kavach’ accessories which translates to Armour in English.  Safety accessories include KN95 Face Mask, Humidifier, Vaccum Cleaner, AIR infrared Temperature checking Gun. More about Hyundai Mobis India on MotorOctane below.


2020 Hyundai Verna interiors

The fresh design and innovative approach of Hyundai Mobis and MMP make new accessories more of an important investment, in place of an expense. This festive season, gift something to your car.  The collaboration with Hyundai MMP also leads to great discounts on genuine accessories.

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