With the addition of connected technologies, Yamaha had been looked down to not offer them on their bikes. Now Yamaha has brought a rather impressive connected blue tooth technology which seems to have much more than expected. Let’s take a look at what is offered on the Yamaha FZ-S Bluetooth system.

Key Features

FZs with bluetooth

The connect X app which is available on the Android and iOS both allows to control these Bluetooth enable features on the bike.

Answer back

This makes the bike honk and indicators beep just like a car. It is a good function which helps to locate the bike. It seems kind of gimmicky as you need to be in blue tooth range to trigger that signal.


This is an anti-theft system which is enabled using a smartphone with the app installed. We would like to say that they should have provided with the key which works on IR to trigger all these functions. This would have increased the practicality of these systems.

Locate my bike

It illuminates the indicators for 10 seconds continuously.

Hazard lights

Yamaha Connect Yamaha FZ-S Bluetooth

Although Yamaha FZ-S does not get a hazard light switch now the bike hazard light can be turned on using the app. It is kind of lame that for this you need a phone but never the less its good have it available.

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Parking Record

When connected with the phone the bike will use the GPS to keep track of the parking of the bike. It will also provide a map route to that location. It is really good for people with a mice memory.

Price Bump

features Yamaha FZ-S Bluetooth

Yamaha FZ-S Bluetooth is only available on the Dark knight edition. If you are the owner of the latest generation of the FZ-S then you could also possibly upgrade to these systems. Do contact your dealer for further details. The FZ-S Dark Night now costs Rs. 1,07,700 (Ex-showroom, New Delhi), effective 1st November 2020 onwards.

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