KTM 250 Adventure bookings have been opened. A refundable token amount varying from Rs 1000 to Rs 5000 has been declared by KTM dealerships. So should you consider booking this bike?

Booking amount

Black KTM

KTM 250 Adventure bookings vary from dealership to dealership. It is a refundable deposit which makes its a low-risk investment in case the bike does not turn up to your expectations. Also, keep in mind that this bike won’t be expensive than the Duke 390 but not cheaper than the Duke 250. Moving to the bike it is an adventure bike that will make the Royal Enfield Himalayan a bit out dated.

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Why Adv 250 and not 390?

If adventure 390 was expensive for you then the Adventure 250 is the bike to go for. It will give the same experience but less fell. Although we have not tested the bike but based on the design and specs that are revealed we are making this estimated guess.

Skipping the Duke 390 for the Adventure 250 will also be a good idea. Apart from the tall seat height and engine, the Adventure 250 will offer a better package than the Duke 390. The seat will be better with better pillion comfort. The stance will give the SUV feel. And you will save a bit in terms of money too.

White KTM

Also if you are going to modify your bike then why spend more for the Adventure 390. In terms of engine, the bike has the same tuning as the duke 390. Instead, it makes more sense to save a bit on the ADV 250  and then customise it for your adventure trails. The bike is expected to come with a new black colour that will not be available on the KTM 390 Adventure.

Reason to Skip

If you are short and not an experienced rider, then the tall seat height is going to intimidate you. There are other options like the RE Himalayan and the Xpulse 200 which make for better bikes for beginners.

Skipping this bike just because it does not offer and LED headlamp and Traction control will be not fair but if you are looking for these things then they will not be present on the KTM adventure 250. Also, the tyres will be of MRF and the safety net of cornering ABS is not present on this KTM 250 adventure. Cornering ABS is just for safety during panic situations. If you are picking up the KTM 250 adventure then we recommend that you at least have experience of riding some motorcycle.

Lastly, KTM 250 Adventure bookings have been opened at dealerships. If you are planning to buy the 250 try taking the test ride of the 390 at least to get an idea of how tall and heavy the bike is. For more such content stay subscribed to the Motoroctane Youtube, Google NEWS, Facebook and Twitter. We also have a car consultancy service – Know more


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