The owner for today is Venecia Naik. Going against the backward mentality of small cars for ladies, the owner preferred the SUV for its size and dominance.  The owner already has experience with Ford EcoSport and Tata Hexa, thus making the Harrier the second Tata product. Find below Why does Hexa Owner Upgrade to Tata Harrier?

Why Harrier?

The owner had a budget of Rs.25 lakh. The Jeep Compass was the first consideration of the owner and she had completed most of the paperwork/ booking of the car. But at the last moment, she decided to check out the rivals for a better view.  The owner first looked at the MG Hector but did not see anything special. Then the owner went for a test drive with the Tata Harrier, which proved to be a “Love at first drive.” Venecia was shocked by the similar performance and ride comfort of Tata Harrier like the Jeep Compass for a much lesser price.  The owner also preferred the dual-tone variant of the SUV because it was a beauty and beast in the same package.

Omega Arch Tata Harrier

For Venecia safety was a major concern and requirement and there is nothing better in the market in terms of safety than a new Tata product.

Why Diesel?

The popularity of petrol cars is no surprise in the Indian market.  The owner preferred the Diesel engine due to better performance, low-end torque and fuel efficiency. The diesel engine also ages well and suits the SUV structure better after years to come.  The SUV was purchased in December 2019 and has been driven 6000kms. More about Why does Hexa Owner Upgrade to Tata Harrier below.

Positives about the car

Venecia likes everything about the car. To be more specific, the owner said she like the warning system, and the JBL sound system. Though the Harrier looks huge, it is fairly easy to control in narrow roads too.  The full family is impressed and in love with the car. Though it is quite early for the service and maintenance of the Harrier, the owner’s Tata Hexa required around Rs.7000 annually which may be similar. Venecia also does not see any negatives with the product.

She also discovered three new features which she was not aware of before. The first one being the ESP modes,  break sign indicator, and light not working indicator on the instrument cluster. Venecia is very happy with the car and she will always recommend the car.  Coming to the end, Venecia also requests all the lady drivers to move up from the hatchbacks and drive something like an SUV.

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