“EVs are the future” is a thing of past. Rapid emission norms are forcing carmakers to increase efficiency of their ICE engines but there is always a limit. EVs are fairly popular now and here to stay. But the main concern of a conventional Indian EV buyer is the range of the vehicle. Find out below how to get more mileage in an Electric vehicle.

Current Scenario

Delhi Electric Policy

Multiple car manufacturers have entered the EV segment. The government is also trying its best to push citizen in the urban areas towards the EV route.  Incentives for EVs, Use in government offices, and promise for a better charging network are some of the tactics adopted for increase in EV sales.  The main tip to increase range in EV is that you need to remember. “Small droplets make an ocean.” Similarly, small consistent steps lead to better fuel efficiency of EVs.EVs are the perfect machine for day to day use in urban areas but what about the occasional road trips?

Why is mileage so important?

Tata nexon EV

The main reason is you do not want to get stuck middle-of-nowhere with a battery-dead car.  The Tata Nexon EV, the cheapest and the most practical EV comes with a 30.2kWh battery pack which promises a claimed range of 312km. But just like ICE engine’s ARAI claimed mileage this range is only obtained via ideal driving conditions. In normal day to day use, you can expect a maximum of 70% of the claimed range. As a result, the Tata Nexon EV’s real-world range comes to about 200kms.  But there are ways, in which you can increase your driving range, steps which include both driving and charging.

1) Charge repeatedly

Hyundai Kona more mileage Electric vehicle

Like laptops, and mobiles the batteries in EVs have a limited number of charge cycles after which their efficiency drops. As a result, it is a best practice to charge the EV whenever possible and keep it topped off multiple times.  Instead of sitting in the garage, you can put your EV on charging and save up on precious standby power.

2) Avoid heat

An electric car’s biggest enemy is heat and all the owners need to remember this carefully.  Whenever you keep your EV in a hot place, the battery has to work harder to supply power to the sensors and you also use the AC after you start driving the car. Like an ICE car, switching on AC uses fuel which reduces charge in your EV. If you keep your EV in a cool place, you can use the AC at a lower speed, thus increasing your range. More about how to get more mileage in Electric vehicle below.

3) Plan your journeys

MG ZS EV Ahmedabad Fast Charging more mileage Electric vehicle

We at MotorOcante completed 1500km road trip with the MG ZS EV thus making a record.  It was only possible by careful planning on the team’s part.  When driving an EV, pick the route with the least traffic even if it is longer because bumper to bumper traffic eats of more charge than additional range.  You should also choose a route which has charging stations available to carry out the first tip of charging the battery multiple times.

4) Use ECO mode and Regenerative braking


Car manufacturers provide ECO mode for a definite purpose and that it for greater fuel efficiency. While the difference is not very large, it does give you additional range.  Regenerative braking also helps to provide additional charge to the battery in absence of a battery pack.

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