The owner for today is Armaan Khan.  He has a Maruti Celerio VXI CNG model. The main aim to consider this car was the owner’s daily commute distance. The owner has to cover a minimum of 70km distance each day to travel to his workplace.  He also did not prefer a Petrol automatic in spite of its convenience due to the value for money proposition of the manual CNG model.  Armaan previously had a Maruti Alto 800 with company fitted CNG kit. Find below about Maruti Celerio CNG Owner Review.


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The main benefit of the Maruti Celerio according to the owner is the low cost of ownership.  The fuel costs are also very low being a CNG car.  The customer also feels that the driving dynamics of the car are perfect for him.  Changing gears at 2500rpm also gives peppy acceleration to the car and excellent fuel efficiency.

The customer also did not have any problems with the maintenance and service of the car. Also, the owner feels that the Maruti Genuine Accessories which he had preferred are not worth the price. All similar parts aftermarket are available for a fraction of the cost. The owner took the MGA path to get assurance of the quality of the product.

celerio logo owner review interior

MGA accessories for the Maruti Celerio here include fog lamps,  infotainment system, speakers, seat covers, Bluetooth mic,  sun protectors on the windows,  reverse parking sensors and cameras along with front bumper and side cladding.  All the accessories had a combined cost of Rs.70,000.


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Overall there is no major issue with the car. The owner however feels that the build quality of the car can be a bit better. The build quality of the car is lower than WagonR and Santro according to the buyer.  The car currently has an odometer running of 25,000km.  If given the chance to reconsider, the owner will check out all the CNG offerings within his budget to choose a new product or Maruti Celerio again.

The customer is overall very happy with the car but is strongly disappointed due to MGA accessories and their cost proposition. In spite of buying genuine accessories, the customer had to multiple issues with the majority of the accessories.

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