The owner for today is Mr Aditya Raj.  This 1.2L Petrol Hyundai i20 was purchased in September 2018.  The owner has also driven the car for 43, 000km.  Overall the owner is quite happy with the car. Find out below about the Hyundai i20 Owner Review.

i20 LED

What is good?

The owner is quite content with the stability of the car. There was no body-roll, rattling noise or any other issues with the car. The performance of the car is also quite impressive.  When buying a car, the owner was confused between Hyundai i20, Maruti Baleno and Volkswagen Polo. Then the owner was quite not happy with rear seat comfort of the Polo so eliminated it.

i20 side look Hyundai i20 Owner Review

When test-driving the Baleno, the owner found rattling noise with the car, and the overall experience was not quite good. As a result, the owner finally chose Hyundai i20.  The owner is very much impressed with the looks of the car.  He feels it is a notch better than the competition.  The owner has driven the car at quite high speeds and feels that the i20 is the most stable car. There was nobody roll evident at high speeds.

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What was not good?

i20 Rear look

The first service experience of the owner was not quite good due to a faulty service centre. That service centre as of now has been closed. The owner as other i20 owners is not quite impressed with the mileage of the car. But then, Hyundai cars are never known for their mileage, are they? City mileage of the Hyundai i20 is close to 9kmpl while the highway mileage is around 13kmpl.  The owner feels that though competition provides better fuel efficiency, he is getting a much more value for money product and the positives far outweigh the negatives.  The car is also very comfortable for 5 passengers easily. More about Hyundai i20 Owner Review below.

Hyundai i20 Owner Review

Maintenance and Service Cost

i20 interior

The service cost for the owner without synthetic oil is around Rs.5, 500.  Additional parts change increase the overall service cost. The owner highly recommends the Hyundai i20 if mileage is not your main concern.  If Safety, Performance, Stability, Comfort are your major concerns, then the Hyundai i20 is your best bet.  Between Unhappy, Satisfied and Happy, the owner is Very Very Happy with the car. With such a good experience with Hyundai, the owner plans to buy the next car as the Hyundai Verna.

i20 Front Hyundai i20 Owner Review

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