A latest report suggests that the upcoming Maruti Jimny for India will result in entire manufacturing of the Jimny to shift to India. This might be a great thing for India as it will bring revenue in the country. Let’s understand why Jimny is an important product for Maruti.

LifeStyle Product

Maruti Jimny

Maruti Jimny will be a direct competitor to the Mahindra Thar. Mahindra Thar as you know has got a great amount of attention as it is a very unique product which might come at a great price point. Jimny being a successor to the Gypsy will come as an update to it being a lifestyle already it will have higher refinement.

Manufacturing Advantage

Maruti Jimny All Grip

Maruti was very indecisive of whether launching the 5door or the 3 door version of the car. They said developing and separate assembly line for the 5-door and investing in R&D to make the chassis long is a big challenge and an expensive one.


Also if they decided to import the car as CKD then it might be expensive for the company. Now with the complete manufacturing of the Jimny will be done in India the company will have a financial advantage which they might pass on to us by pricing the car competitively.

5-Door Jimny

jimny interior

Having a 5-door Jimny in India will give a tough time for other offroaders. The market is heavily dominated by 5-door vehicles which make of a great ingress and exit. Thuss will give it an edge over the Mahindra Thar which will come in as the only 3 door option.

Maruti Jimny


The car is expected to get the same 1.2-litre of the 1.5-litre engine as on the other Maruti cars. Internationally the car gets a 1.5-litre engine which makes about 1.2 bhp of power.

Maruti Jimny

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