The full-size SUV segment has been dominated by Toyota Fortuner for quite some time now. While the Ford Endeavour and Mahindra Alturas G4 are worthy competitors, you cannot beat the popularity of the Toyota Fortuner easily. But MG motors in India has also been doing great in India. Starting with the Hector, the popularity of MG has only increased and has led to Carnival and Hector Plus in the market. Find out below about the MG Gloster ADAS features revealed for India.

What is Gloster?

Gloster is MG’s offering in the full-size SUV segment.  The SUV highlights include dominating road presence, comfortable interiors for seven adults, powerful engine and segment-leading off-road capability. While the present cars in the segment are quite competent, MG Gloster promises ADAS which makes it stand apart from competition.

What is ADAS?

MG Gloster ADAS features

ADAS stands for Advanced Driver Assistance System. According to MG, it is a set of active safety equipment which will ASSIST the driver to avoid and reduce the chances of accident, thus making Gloster one of the safest SUV in the market according to MG.  The ADAS system comes with Adaptive Cruise Control, Hands-free Automatic Parking. It is the first premium SUV in the country to come with Level -1 autonomous driving technology. Readers should keep in mind that these systems will only ASSIST and not self-drive the car. More about MG Gloster ADAS features below.

Hands-free Automatic parking

MG Gloster ADAS features

Big size cars are a headache for parking in busy urban and city environments.  But the MG Gloster realizes the customer’s problem and came up with an advanced solution. MG Gloster’s sensors and cameras can automatically judge and do parallel and perpendicular parking as needed.  The driver only has to follow the instructions on the large colour information display.  Only time will tell if this feature will work perfectly for a country like India. Bear in mind, the car won’t do anything without driver input. All these features are provided to assist the driver.

Adaptive Cruise Control

MG Gloster ADAS features

Cruise Control is a feature which is highly useful in highways for new drivers. It maintains a definite car speed.  To use cruise control, you set the desired speed limit and let the car do the work. However, the system stops working whenever you apply brakes. As a result, this feature is not very practical and useful for highways in India with speed breakers and unpredictable traffic.

MG Gloster rear

The Adaptive Cruise Control however with its radars and cameras monitors the traffic up ahead and keeps a safe distance. The System also automatically changes the cruise speed as needed and the driver does not need to constantly re-engage it. For a country like India, this is perfect but then again its practicality can only be understood after driving the car in the real world.

Automatic Emergency Braking

The AEB is also a part of the Level-1 autonomous system.  It is a radar based feature that constantly identifies the probability of a forward crash and takes steps to prevent it. It can automatically slow or stop the vehicle. The system alerts the driver as soon as it identifies an obstacle and if the driver fails to respond, the system automatically takes appropriate steps.

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