The Toyota Fortuner competed 11 years of sale in India in 2020. The Toyota Fortuner itself has become quite a brand name in India, thanks to its wild popularity.  The best-selling Toyota Fortuner captured 75% of the market in its segment.  This car, though being costly remained in our list of the top 10 selling SUVs in India.  Find out below about 5 reasons why Toyota Fortuner is so famous.


The build quality of the Toyota Fortuner is really great. Fit and Finish of the materials are also impressive.  4X4 capability, ladder on frame setup, AMT gearbox and decent safety features give it an impressive re-sale value.  9-year old Toyota Fortuners which have done above 1,00,000km still cost Rs.15 lakh. It is really impressive for an SUV in its segment.  The engine reliability is also the best in its segment.

Cost of ownership


This is one of the main reasons why Toyota cars perform so well in India.  Toyota is also known for its long warranty periods.  Even after the warranty, genuine parts availability is not an issue with the Toyota Fortuner.  The car requires an average maintenance cost of around Rs.10, 000 per year. It is low for a car of its segment.  This SUV does not need any special care and has been made to last for ages.

Toyota Fortuner interior


The NVH levels during rapid and quick acceleration are a downside of this SUV.  The SUV continues silently during cruising.  The power delivery is also quite linear. The ride quality is a little choppy due to the ladder on frame setup. More about reasons why Toyota Fortuner is so famous below.


Toyota Fortuner has always emerged the winner in the off-road capability segment.  220mm of ground clearance promise a great off-road experience. The 2.8L Diesel engine produces 420Nm of torque for all your off-road and on-road adventures. This SUV is easy to drive and does not feel any different on off-road

Volkswagen Tiguan vs Ford Endeavour vs Toyota Fortuner off road


The exterior design and looks have been a strong point of the Toyota Fortuner since a very long time. The Toyota Fortuner looks bold, aggressive and majestic all at the same time.  There is no other SUV with comparable dominating looks. 18-inch tires also make the car look the Boss! The interiors of the car are impressive too. Toyota Fortuner also is the only true 7-seater SUV in its segment.

Ford Fortuner Thailand Update

All-in-all the Toyota Fortuner is a great overall package. Commanding position while driving, Power, Performance, Reliability and Status symbol are the positives of the SUV.  The negative bits include dated design, price and interior features.  Toyota Fortuner also received a 2020 update in the international market.

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  • Toyota Fortuner is undisputed leader in the market. Beast on/off road.

  • it is also my one of the favourite suv