The Tata Tiago is the Cheapest Tata Car you can buy. Even though it comes at a low price it has the most safety in its class and offers a lot more than its competitors. Now with the Tata Tiago Soccer Edition, it looks even cooler. So how much does it cost? Does it have a performance upgrade? Know it all ahead.

What’s offered?

The Tata Tiago Soccer Edition is a decal pack offered by Tata itself. It comes for the facelifted version of the Tata Tiago. The Decals pack covers 4 areas of the car – 2 sides, roof and rear.

Side Decals

As seen in the images these decals give the car a sporty look and look the best with the yellow colour. Also on the side, you get the badging of soccer edition. The Black and grey decals on the side fade as they meet the rear door handle.

Top Decals

Also, the C pillar of the car gets a black treatment because of these decals. This extends right up till the roof of the car. Also, the fade has a pattern of footballs which enhances the soccer edition of the car.

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Back Decals

The complete decals pack is sold at Rs 8000 by tata. This also includes the installation process. Now this might seem a lot for just stickers. But this gives your Tiago a different look. Also, the car looks much more story and youthful.

Tiago Other Specs

Side decals 2 Tata Tiago Soccer Edition

The Tata Tiago comes with 1.2-litre engine which produces a power of 99 bhp. Being a 3 cylinder engine it also has decent amount of torque at 141 Nm. Along with a manual 5 speed gearbox it also offers an AMT option. The Tata Tiago has the top-notch safety with ABS and EBD, parking sensors and dual airbags. Also the chassis of this car has high structural integrity which makes them very safe. All of these features remain the same in the Tata Tiago Soccer Edition.

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