The coronavirus pandemic has forced us to stay at home for quite a long time now. But things are bound to become normal sooner or later. Before you leave for the much-awaited holiday destination, check these things before a road-trip.


No one likes their vehicle to stop mid-way during the trip. Either it is a bike or a car, make sure to check the battery status before leaving the house. It is one of the most essential components and does not take much time to fix. A dead battery will surely ruin your mood more than COVID. Also check your instrument cluster for any low battery signals. If your car also makes a problem starting, then the battery charge issue may be the problem

Tires and Rims

Tires are the only point of contact with the ground for any vehicle. As a result, they play a very important role. A worn-out tyre is a life-threatening hazard.  Braking also is affected a lot by tyre and Rim quality. Air pressure is also very important. A correct air pressure will give your best mileage and equally good performance. Forget to fill the air, and you might as well throw cash out of the window. Bent-rims are also a Caution. Also check the tyre thread quality for better grip.


Check before road-trip

It is also an important yet underrated component of the car. A well-maintained transmission will enable smooth shifts and will make your overall journey pleasant. Begin your journey with a faulty one, and you can forget about your dream road trip after the repair-time and expense.  Every transmission cannot be fixed by a local mechanic so you need an authorized service centre to do the work. Transmission levels should also be carefully checked in automatic transmission which are very important. More about things to Check before road-trip below.


hot_brake_rotors Brake problems

Life is full of ups and downs and uncertainties. Good quality brakes always ensure that you at least have full control upon your vehicle. Good brakes can save you as well as others life even during accidents. Brake oil is also an important parameter which must also be checked before any road-trip.  Wheel Alignment should also be checked if possible. If your brakes are shuddering, its an issue waiting for repair.

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Ather 450 Mono shock suspension

Road-trips are always enjoyable with a decent amount of comfort presence. A good quality and well-maintained suspension setup promises you the ultimate ride of comfort. Even if the road conditions are poor, the suspension will always save you from tiring out. Long-distance driving also does not become a hassle with good suspension.

Steering and Oil Level

Check before road-trip

Steering shudder is also an issue. Small issues like these take less time if repaired before road-trip. Different oil levels should also be correctly checked before leaving. Every oil may not be available for purchase in remote areas.

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