The Skoda Rapid has been the main product for the Skoda brand. Especially after the introduction of the Rider and Rider plus variants the company has been offering a full-size sedan at the price of a compact sedan. Now the much-awaited version of the car has been launched and here all the details about the Skoda Rapid TSI Automatic.



The bookings of the Skoda Rapid can be done via the website at the sum of Rs 25,000 or by visiting a dealership. The Rapid when it was launched in its new form this year had got so many bookings that the company had to halt them for a while to keep up with the demand of the people.

Changes to the Automatic

In terms of exterior, the Skoda Rapid TSI Automatic gets a new rear spoiler and diffuser. The wheels are slightly different in terms of alloy design. At the front the LED day time running lights of the car make it stand apart. Other than that the most obvious change in the interior is the new gear shift lever.

Automatic Gearbox Skoda Rapid

Skoda 1.0-litre Engine

Turbo Engine Skoda Petrol

The engine on the Skoda Rapid TSI Automatic has not been changed. It is the same 1.0 litre BS6 compliant petrol engine which makes 110 bhp of power with 157 nm of torque. This claims a fuel efficiency of 18 km/l under the ARAI testing.

Fuel Efficiency

The company claims that this new gearbox is tuned for fuel-efficiency. A 9% increase in fuel efficiency can be seen while there is also a 5% increase in power. A 14% increase in torque makes it all happen.

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Type of Automatic

The Rapid makes use of a 6-speed torque converter gearbox. This gearbox is not very fast with shifts but is very reliable and has been around for long. Also the automatic offered on this car is not like a sporty version instead it is offered to give comfort. That is why DCT gearbox is skipped to keep the price in check. Know more about the Torque converter gearbox – Should You Consider Tata Harrier Diesel Automatic?

Which Variants offer Automatic?


As mention in the table below the lowest Skoda Rapid TSI Automatic starts at Rs 9.49 lakhs with the Rapid Rider Plus. The Monte Carlo Special Edition is the most expensive at Rs 13.29 lakhs.

Rapid Rider Plus AT₹ 9,49,000
Ambition AT₹ 11,29,000
Onyx AT₹ 11,49,000
Style AT₹ 12,99,000
Monte Carlo₹ 13,29,000

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