Recently a test vehicle by Maruti had been spotted while testing. Initially, it was expected to be the newer generation of the Alto or the Celerio but now because of the 3 new Maruti Trademark patents that have been revealed, this speculation has got some new information. Maruti Suzuki India Limited has filed for 3 names for their upcoming vehicles and that might give us an idea of what we might be able to expect in the future.

Reference from Auto Expo 2020

At the Auto Expo, 2020 Maruti had shown a concept call Futuro E. It was a way overboard concept car which we all clearly know might not come into production.

espaco Maruti Suzuki Maruti Trademark

One of the 3 Trademarks filed is called the ESpaco. The name starting with E might indicate that it might be an electric car. We expect this name to make it on the new WagonR electric. It is the only electric offering that was being tested by Maruti. This Maruti Trademark might be indicative that we might soon see some kind of unveil by the start of the festive season.

maruti futuro e

As you can see the Futuro E is a car that is an SUV and the design is very radicle to Maruti’s current design language. The only expecatition from the Futuro E to come to the production car is the shape and form factor of the car. Maruti might introduce a car in the Creta Segment which might be based on the Futuro E. More Information on Futuro E – Maruti showcases Futuro e and flags off AutoExpo 2020.


The Solido is hinting towards a tough SUV. Maruti might try to take the styling from the Futuro-E and incorporate it into a new 5 Seater SUV which might compete with the Creta.


The Celerio next-gen that is pending to enter the market might take a re-entry in the market as Solido. There isn’t much clarification on that right now.

Maruti Celerio

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The name means a female personification of liberty and personal freedom. It might be a car-focused specifically for female customers. Maruti Trademark Libertas could also be a new generation Alto. It will be too early to predict anything firm just from the Trademark name of the cars.


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