SUVs have been a popular segment since a very long time. People have remained faithful fans of the bold looks and domineering road presence. Find out below about the Top Forgotten SUVs in India. This is part 2 of the list. If you have not checked out the first part, check it here.

1) Tata Safari

Safari: Tata Safari DICOR axed from the product list - Times of India

Not exactly a forgotten SUV but the Tata Safari was a king of its time.  It was a 7-seater SUV/MUV which was available in the price range between Rs.10.97 lakh to Rs.16.35 lakh.  You also got 200mm ground clearance for all your off-road trips. This SUV was made for the budget-conscious enthusiast. The Made-in-India factor was also a huge sales factor. It was discontinued in December 2019.

2) Nissan X-Trail

2008 Nissan X-Trail diesel Review | CarAdvice

The Japanese manufacturer is known for its attention to details and unique looks.  The X-Trail too looked like a prototype Terrano. The Nissan X-Trail cost between Rs.23.00 lakh to Rs.26.00 lakh.  Three variants were available to choose from.  In its time, it was the only SUV in India from the manufacturer. Nissan has not been doing well in the Indian market with only one car to sell.  Previously too, the lack of showrooms and service hampered the sales of the Nissan X-Trail. More about Top Forgotten SUVs India in below.

3) Maruti Gypsy

Top Forgotten SUVs India

One of the most recognized car of the most recognized brand in India. Maruti is not known for its long-to last cars but the Maruti Gypsy ruled its segment for a very long time. It was a crowd favourite due to its iconic looks.  It was also widely used in the Police department. Maruti priced the car affordable too with easy maintenance. Do comment on our Instagram which one was your favourite.

4) Tata Sierra

Tata Sierra: Top Forgotten SUVs India

The Tata Sierra was the first SUV to be designed and produced in India. It was a three-door sports utility vehicle.  The production period of the car was between 1991-2000. It was widely popular in the Indian car market.  A 2.0L Peugeot XD88 I4 Diesel engine with a 5-speed manual transmission was made available.  The Tata Safari was the successor of the Tata Sierra.  The car was also exported to multiple countries and sold under different names.

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