The Toyota Innova is one of the most recognizable cars in our country. The car has retained a large consumer base for a very long time. Find out below why the Toyota Innova is a best-seller.


Ask any Toyota Innova owner, about the best bit of the Toyota Innova and 99% of time you will get the answer as Comfort level. The comfort levels of the Toyota Innova lineup are unprecedented. In terms of comfort, the Toyota Innova always feels a pricier car than its actual price. Not only Indians, but foreigners are also a big fan of the car.

The global car market also loves Toyota Innova very much, and it is the single-most preferred car for long trips and travel. Modern interiors, check, Rear AC Vents for all three rows, check, Captain seats as optional, check, all these features make the Toyota Innova the most popular and the best-seller MPV in the market.

Engine and Performance

When asked about the engine and performance, Innova drivers never complain. People go as far as telling that you may get tired driving the car, but the car won’t. All these statements show the overall quality of the Innova. Fuel-efficiency levels are also impressive for the size of the car.

Toyota Innova Touring Sport 2.8 diesel engine

The engine in its BS6 avatar is now both performance and environment friendly.  The car feels planted with full load on. There is also no lack of power when transporting heavy luggage through the Innova. It has remained the taxi market’s most preferred car for decades. People simply book the car based on its model and brand name.

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Service and Maintenance

In spite of being a Toyota car, the car does not need any additional service and maintenance. Toyota cars are made to last,  and a car like Innova can be driven miles and miles before ever needing a checkup. Why is the Maruti WagonR so easy to maintain? Simply because it has sold a crazy number of units and parts are readily available and local mechanics know the car inside out too.

Same is the case with Toyota Innova. This car has become so popular that it is near about as popular as any trustworthy Maruti car. Toyota brand itself also promises excellent product quality and cheap maintenance.

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Which is the most significant MPV/MUV selling in the Indian market? 90% of people will obviously think about the Toyota Innova. The car is legendary and needs no introduction. The current generation price of car costs about 3 times more than the first generation. The company has successfully sold the same number of units as before even after the price increase. Indians love the Toyota Innova and are ready to pay a premium price and wait for months to take the delivery of the car. Toyota recognized its segment correctly and provided all the features on point. Thus the Toyota Innova became a best-seller.

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