The Skoda Rapid has been quite a popular sedan since a very long time.  People have fallen in love with the timeless design and the company is also making sure to retain the strong points of the model. Read below why should you buy a Skoda Rapid Quick in India 2020.


Skoda rapid Rider Plus

The single most important factor for the success of a car is competitive pricing in the Indian market. And Skoda nailed it in this department. The Skoda Rapid Rider was price at Rs.7.49 lakh and the Rapid Rider Plus at Rs.7.99 lakh. At the price of a premium hatchback/compact-sedan, you get a full-size sedan from Skoda. The company has made sure that no compromises are made to the looks of the sedan.  The car looks much more expensive and premium for its asking price.

Turbo engine

Skoda Rapid Engine

The car is not only known for its looks. You get a 1.0 TSI Turbo petrol engine with 6-speed manual transmission.  The engine is great in both performance and efficiency. It helps you to stand apart from the crowd of naturally aspirated engines.  The price to performance ratio of this car is just spot on with this particular engine and is tough to beat.  The engine is both performance and environment friendly.

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Interior equipments

Skoda Rapid Infotainment

The Skoda Rapid Rider came with basic interior stuff but the Rapid Rider Plus is a whole lot different. You get features like Climatronic, Auto AC at Rs.7.99 lakh (Ex-showroom).  You also get important features in the interior like RR Windscreen defogger,

Skoda Rapid Rider interior buy Skoda Rapid Quick

Front and Rear electronically adjustable windows with one-touch operation, ABS, Stainless Steel Scuff Plates with Rapid inscription, and the most famous 16.51cm infotainment system.  The rear seat comfort is unbelievable for its price and feels a segment above.  Android Auto and Apple Car Play are provided for rider comfort.


If the bold and sporty looks of the car are not enough to convince you, Parktronic RR Sensors, Rough Road Package, Window chrome garnish, Black/Silver trunk Lip Garnish, and Black/Silver Side Foils are always available to melt your heart.  All these features mentioned are available at a bargain price and should be captured ASAP. The exterior looks of the car are a masterpiece.  The boot space of the Skoda Rapid is quite big and practical too. Please remember, this is a full-size sedan. More about why you should buy Skoda Rapid Quick in India below.

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Maintenance and Service


Half knowledge is more harmful than no knowledge. It has become some sort of a myth that Skoda cars are tough and costly to maintain. This is absolutely not the case. The service and maintenance cost of the Skoda Rapid is well below its segment and fully justified. The company is continuously trying to improve its reach and can only improve if more people buy their products. We as a consumer should be aware to reject tin boxes and dare to drive proper cars.  We also made a dedicated video explaining the service cost of the new Skoda Rapid.

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Safety and Conclusion

Skoda has not cut corners anywhere to make this sedan affordable. You get what you pay for. Dual airbags, ABS with EBD and a whole lot of other safety features are provided as standard in the Skoda Rapid lineup.  It is absolutely the best car for its price and should be considered seriously an alternative against its competition. The Rapid name itself has now become some sort of a brand like Scorpio and Bolero.

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  • I heard that parts of Skoda Rapid are imported and hence it proves to be a costly affair. If any part is required to be replaced with new one, then it has to be imported. Also TSI engine does not work best with CNG fitment. Please advice.

  • Hi Motoroctane Team & Rachit Ji.

    I have follow your youtube channel and its very impressive your and your team work. The subscriber get all details about cars from your videos.

    I have to ask you that should i buy the 2013/14 skoda rapid petrol 1st owner which is run almost 46000 km or we should search for any other option.

    Please help us with you suggestion.

    Vivek Tawde.