The sub-compact SUV segment has become the battlegrounds for car-companies especially after the rise in demand. While the Hyundai Venue was the first car to gain recognition in this segment, the Maruti Vitara Brezza slowly rose to occupy the top spot.  Read below how Maruti Brezza become so popular.


The Maruti Suzuki brand name has become a household name for people in India. You rarely come in contact with a person who is not aware of the automotive giant in the country.  A high number of sales and popularity promises customer very low cost of maintenance throughout India.  Many people also but their cars simply seeing the Maruti badge.  The company has realized the needs of the average middle-class people well and has taken strong steps to cater to everyone’s needs.


Maruti Brezza become popular

Maruti cars are known for their segment-leading mileage figures and the Maruti Vitara Brezza is no different. It gives the best mileage in comparison to its rivals. The main credit of this can be given to lightweight materials used in the car which can serve as a negative factor from the safety perspective. But if anyone asks, “Kitna Deti hai?”, the winning car will always be a Maruti.More about how Maruti Brezza become popular in India below.

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The recent Maruti Vitara Brezza facelift has become some sort of hype in the current market scenario. The looks of the car are muscular and bold and loved by the customers in India. Its SUV-ish appeal attracts a large consumer base towards it. LED projector headlamps in the new BS6 avatar are a great welcome addition.

The interiors of the car are fairly modern too with a touchscreen infotainment system and other amenities. You do not get a whole lot of segment-first features though. Hyundai cars are known for their feature-rich cars and not Maruti. The interiors are minimal, practical and stylish. Modern-day features like rain-sensing wipers, cruise control, and automatic climate control are still provided with the top variant though. There are storage places throughout the car. Headroom and Legroom of the SUV is also impressive.  The boot space is also excellent and the seats come with 60:40 split.

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Driving experience

The ergonomics of the SUV is the best in segment and seem perfect.  The front visibility of the SUV is also great from the driver’s seat. People are also very happy with the seat comfort and suspension of the car.  The K15 engine with the BS6 Brezza is highly trustworthy and been in use since a very long time. Performance of the car is also quite respectable.

Maruti Brezza become popular

The handling of the car is also well balanced and does the job well.  The braking of the SUV is also decent for its price.  The NVH levels are also quite low and good. The petrol engine helps immensely in keeping the noise down. All in all the Maruti Vitara Brezza is a great value for money compact-SUV. The Toyota Urban Cruiser which is heavily based on the Vitara Brezza is set to launch soon in the Indian car market. Don’t forget to comment your thoughts about it.

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