Royal Enfield Meteor is all set to launch. This new offering from the Royal Enfield stable will come in 3 main trims. Here we make it simple by breaking it down about what will be offered on each variant. Also, there are some major changes that have been confirmed on this bike. Here are all the Royal Enfield Meteor Variants explained.


RE meteor 3 variants

It is broadly classified into 3 main variants. – Fireball, Supernova and Stellar. All of these names are related to space and stars and this seems to be the theme for the bike as the name Meteor also gels well with this. Royal Enfield Meteor Variants are not just for the colour difference but there are a few things that change on this bike according to the variant.

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3 Colours on Meteor


The most basic of all Royal Enfield Meteor Variants. It gets a basic gloss paint finish and is offered in 2 colours – yellow and red. These colours were also seen on the Thunderbird and thus will appeal to the existing fans of the Thunderbird.

Digi meter

This gets tripper navigation system and the engine fins are machine finished. More information about the Tripper Navigation System ahead.  There is very minimal use of chrome on this variant and this reminds of the Thunderbird X. Lastly the Fireball gets a pinstripe around the wheel.


Steller is the variant with most colour options.  These body colours are premium and they go along with the excessive use of Chrome on the bike. Chrome can be seen from the handlebars, FI system and the exhaust system.

Royal Enfield Meteor

The black is seen with a matte finish and the red and blue have a metallic colour. Also the badging on the Steller is much more royal than just a simple sticker on the Fireball. Also in addition it gets a backrest for added pillion comfort.


Royal Enfield Meteor

The Supernova version of the Meteor will be seen as the topmost variant of the lot. It is the fully packed touring package with windshield and premium seats. The wheels are also machined alloy wheels and dual-tone paints. The supernova version comes with 2 paint schemes and they are in brown and blue. These are dual-tone colour options which gets a premium offering.

Tripper Navigation

Royal enfield Navigation

The tripper navigation system is the most advance and latest navigation system from Royal Enfield. As seen the images below the navigation system will come with a colour TFT display which will change mode according to night and day.

Along with that, there are other changes to the instrument cluster which is a separate unit from the tripper navigation. All the functions have been shown in the images below.

The Transmission system is expected to be from the interceptor so we expect the 6th gear. There is no confirmation on it but still, we would like to see a 6th cruising gear to maximise economy and comfort.

Other Features

The most useful features that could be seen from the spy images is the USB charging port. The charging port is a basic necessity for a person who is going to use the bike for touring. We are yet to confirm is this feature will be available on only the topmost variant or the base ones.

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