Honda has launched the Hornet 2.0 for Rs.1.2 lakhs. This bike is quite an upgrade from the previous 160cc CB Hornet. Get acquainted with all that is offered on this Honda Hornet 2.0 and find out if this bike is worth the price tag it bears.


Hornet Engine

The bike comes with a 200cc BS6 compliant Honda engine. It is expected to be a reliable unit. The exhaust not shown at the launch is and in the promo video sound much throaty but that could be added sound effects. You can hear the exhaust note in the video below.

The engine is upgraded from the previous 160cc to a new 200cc unit. It makes 16 bhp of power and 16 Nm of torque. These power figures give their optimum output at 7000 rpm. For a bike of 200cc this does sound a bit less as the competitors like Apache 200 makes roughly around 20 bhp. If you want a comparison of these 2 bike do drop a comment here or let us know in the comments of the Instagram Post.

The engine is an air-cooled engine and we might have to poke further during the review to check for the heating issues. But the compression ratio that is offered at 9.5:1 it should not be a problem. As all BS6 bike do, this bike also gets fuel injection system.

Tyres and Brake

Hornet front

All the power from the engine is delivered on the road with the help of tyres and the Honda Hornet 2.0 sports a 140 section rear tyre. It gets dual disc brakes which are expected on a bike of 200 at this price point. Honda only offers a single-channel ABS setup on this bike.

The suspension setup on this bike is very unique with USD forks at the front. they are golden coloured forks and add quite a nice character to the design of the bike. There is no clear number on what size these forks are but they seem to be thick in the images of the bike.

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The Honda Hornet 2.0 gets new and redesigned tank. The shrouds are wider and more chiselled. They very naturally engulf the forks from the sides. This might eat up into the turning radius but to a problematic extent.

Hornet Suspension

Both the headlamp, indicators and taillamp are LED. It gets the iconic X shaped tail lamp to maintain continuity. Honda Claims that the Shrouds are designed in a way that it supports aerodynamics. Also, the bike gets petal discs which allow better heat dissipation and better braking performance.

Hornet seat

The bike gets a split seat to give it a sporty look and feel. It is also available in 4 colours and the decals are not overburdening for the design. There is a cowl on the engine but it does not function as a bash plate and seems to be there only as a design element.

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Instrument Cluster

The instrument cluster on the Honda Hornet 2.0 is completely feature-packed and has a lot of features. It is a surprise that Honda has still not offered Bluetooth connectivity. The Instrument cluster seems very modern and slick with the negative LCD layout. To keep the instrument cluster even clean and clutter-free the key is moved on the tank.

Hornet instrument cluster

At 1.2 lakhs the Honda Hornet 2.0 offers a 200cc engine which is moderately tuned. Its only USP seems to be the upside-down forks that are not seen on any other bike in the segment. But it does miss out on Bluetooth. We will soon compare put a full review of the bike to get more idea on how it works in a real-world scenario.

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