The Honda City fifth generation was one of the hottest car launches of 2020. The car proved itself to be a worthy successor of the fourth generation of Honda City. However, Honda is keen for the future and has revealed all the new fifth-generation Honda City in hybrid. Find out if the car is coming to India soon.

Where was the car revealed?

The Honda City 2020 for the Malaysian market was just revealed recently. Along with all the familiar powertrain options, the new car also received a new hybrid version of the car. Sources suggest that this variant could come to India pretty soon. 

Launch in India and Price

Honda City hybrid back

The Honda City fifth generation with the hybrid engine is expected to launch in India only in 2021. Customer feedback in Malaysian market will play a major role in the new hybrid engine.  The 2020 Honda City is already the most expensive car in its segment. With a price tag between Rs.10.90 to Rs.14.65 lakh, the hybrid version won’t be exactly affordable. The Honda City Hybrid, when launched in India, will start at around Rs.15 lakh according to sources.

Changes in the new car

All black interiors
Honda City 2020 RS Turbo interiors for representation

The major change will be the inclusion of the hybrid motors. The Hybrid system used here is quite different from its imminent completion the Maruti Ciaz’s mild hybrid system. The looks of the Honda City hybrid will also be quite similar to the City RS sold in the international market. The new car however will be sporting a new e:HEV badging.

New drive modes

The new hybrid system with the Honda City fifth generation will enable inclusion of three new driving modes.

  1.       Only electric motor power
  2.       Only ICE engine power
  3.       Both electric and ICE engine power

How does the motor work?

The new electric motors in the Honda City do no simply assist the ICE engine in the car. They can separately power the car on its own.  You can consider this like a pure EV with an ICE engine attached for convenience and emergencies. With a weak charging infrastructure in India, hybrid is the safest bet. 

2020 Honda City RS Turbo Price, Photos and Key Specifications

There are two electric motors in the Honda City. The first electric motor is integrated in the petrol engine and acts an integrated starter generator (ISG) while the second motor sends drive to wheels. There is a single separate gearbox with a fixed gear ratio.


EngineICE EngineElectric Motor
Max. Power98hp109hp
Max. Torque127Nm253Nm


Uses of the different modes

You can easily use the different modes in different scenarios for maximum performance and efficiency.

  •         Use only the electric motor in the city and bumper to bumper traffic
  •         Only the ICE engine on the highways and long trips
  •         Use both the mechanisms together in a suitable environment.

While the car has been launched for the Malaysian market, there is no confirmation still from Honda in terms of launch in India. The nearest hybrid engine car you can buy to Honda City is the Maruti Ciaz Smart hybrid. If Honda launches this car soon, it will become future-proof and lead to more sales despite the premium price.

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