The Royal Enfield Meteor a bike that is expected to change a lot for the company. Ever since the product has been spied a lot of speculation have been made about it. It has probably created the same amount of hype as the Thar did. But if we bring all the speculations about the bike together we can understand that Royal Enfield is actually working on customer feedback (especially the complaints). Ahead we explain to you how the different things that are confirmed on the RE Meteor make it a bike that is suitable for a sensible buyer as well as the RE fan.


The real reason for the vibrations on any bike are the mountings on which the engine is mounted. A single-cylinder engine with a capacity above 300cc will vibrate to some extent. But those vibrations can be curbed by working on small changes to the engine mountings.

RE Meteor Accessories

This is expected to be fixed on this bike. To start with Royal Enfield has taken the Thunderbird 350 as a base for this bike and new dual cradle chassis is expected to make some difference. Vibration is a complaint which a lot of RE customers have pointed out to and fixing that will open new customer base for Royal Enfield.

Digital Display

Offering a digital display on a bike which is supposed to be a neo-classic bike is a challenge. It might rob the bike of its classic charm. The new spy shots show a secondary instrument cluster pod which might be digital. The bigger pod offers the speedometer readout and the smaller one is supposedly digital which might show some other information.

Instrment cluster RE Meteor

There is no confirmation if it is going to be a TFT colour display or an LCD unit having it might give access to a lot of features that were missing on RE bikes. Some of the rumours also say that it will be connected display with maps integration which will show information from your smartphone but that might be in very primitive stages as seen on the other low-end bikes.

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New Gearbox

Thundebird Side Pose

The Gearbox of the new RE Meteor is expected to be a revised unit than that of the 5 speed on the Thunderbird. By the shape of it we expect it to be the 6 speed unit from the interceptor. The other reason for the gearbox to be changed might be to give it better high-speed stability. The older sprocket was not stable at high speeds and a smaller one would make it much stable and manageable. These changes are not confirmed but they are quite achievable if the complete unit is changed.

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Variant System

No one bike suits all. With the new variant system, Royal Enfield is trying to bring in the new bikes which have to get the attention of all type of buyers. There isn’t much difference apart from the paint schemes. But now it is all better organised than before. Also, there is an expectation of customizations on the RE Meteor.


Overall Royal Enfield is focusing over larger areas where they have been lacking and other manufacturers have been taking advantage of it. If these problems are fixed on the RE Meteor will it become the bike to recommend to anyone who is looking for a bike in that price range? Will the Royal Enfield Meteor become the ultimate cruiser from the company?

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Image Credits: Rushlane


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