Kia is an all-new car maker for India and the company has begun all BIG in India. The Seltos has been a runaway success for the company. This is what any car brand will want – deliver the best-in-class product, with features, specifications and a large dealership network to begin with. Kia Motors launched the Seltos last August and this September the new Sonet will make its way. For starters, the Sonet is a smaller size SUV, and it comes under 4 metres if we look at the likes of the Venue, Brezza, Nexon and even the XUV300. However, there are chances that Sonet could affect potential Seltos buyers to pick it up. So, we do an on-paper analysis of Sonet vs Seltos. 

Sonet Dimensions

Kia Sonet vs Seltos – Price

The Sonet shall be offered at a lower price point and this will favour it a lot. We expect the Sonet to be offered at about Rs 8.5 lakhs to Rs 14.5 lakhs (on-road approx), while the Seltos comes at Rs 11.5 lakhs to Rs 20.5 lakhs. Buyers in the range of Rs 11.5-15 lakhs will contemplate between the two more. Why? As the Sonet is smaller (under 4 metres in length) it attracts lesser government taxes and it gives more value for the buck. Thus for a buyer seeing things on a paper shall notice more features being offered on the Sonet (moreover top variants) and Seltos lower and mid-range are being offered in that range. This will tempt more buyers to pick up something like the Sonet.

Seltos Dimensions

Both the Sonet and the Seltos offer a range of features in their top models. The similarities are far too much and this will confuse the buyer for certain.

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Kia Sonet vs Seltos – Features

Let’s discuss the similar features offered on both: 

sonet features

Features: Six airbags, ABS + EBD, traction control and ESP being some of them.10.25-inch touchscreen, UVO Connected Car, Sunroof, Android Auto, Apple CarPlay, Bose Music System, Keyless Entry, Air Purifier, Wireless Charging, Ventilated Seats, Rear Seat Vents, Push start-stop and even Driving Modes

Seltos features

Major Features Missing on the Sonet: Leather upholstery, 360 camera, Heads-Up-Display, Blind-spot camera. When we compare the two vehicles on features for the similar price point – The Seltos misses out on these extra features – as only the mid-range Seltos comes in that price point, where Sonet top trim will offer all the bells-and-whistles. So here the Sonet has an upper hand.

Kia Sonet vs Seltos Engines

Here is where the major difference comes as the Seltos comes with 1.5-litre petrol and diesel and performance packed 1.4-litre turbo petrol engine. On the other hand, the Sonet comes with 1.2-litre petrol, 1.0-turbo petrol and 1.5-litre diesel engine options.

Kia engine

For the 11-15L segment, the 1.0-litre turbo and 1.5-litre diesel will be made available on the Sonet and the powerful 1.4-litre of the Seltos might not come in the reach. So, for someone looking at performance, will see the Sonet as a better pick in petrol and in diesel might not be a major difference, for a regular car buyer. Here too, Sonet shines.

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Kia Sonet vs Seltos – Space

This is where the major difference will come through. The Sonet has front row and boot comparable to the Seltos, there is a lot of similarity to it. As the boot on the Sonet is 392L compared to Seltos, which is at 433L. The usability has no compromise. 30L might not be a lot in real-life usability.


But it is the rear seat that matters. The Seltos has a more spacious and comfortable second row. The width of Seltos is more, so, three people can sit at the back without any problem and this makes it a complete package when we look at the Seltos, and Sonet will seat only two in comfort and the knee room isn’t a lot for tall passengers on the rear seat. Here is where Seltos wins.

Is it a problem area for Kia?

Absolutely Not. Why? That is because many buyers today will be looking at a Kia vs another brand. This will play out in their favour if a buyer picks up their product be it any. At the moment, Kia is too young in India and it will first want to grow its market share, then just look at mere profit. This will add more value to the brand and encourage more buyers to consider the Kia, for whom two years ago, Kia wasn’t even an option. This will add more value to the brand and it doesn’t matter if anyone bought a Kia Seltos or a Sonet, till the time they did buy a Kia. The Sonet will not just affect the cars in this segment but will also go on to hit the Seltos segment vehicles. So, it is indeed a smart and aggressive move by Kia.

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  • The width of Seltos is only 10mm more from Sonet.. thats just 1 cm…. hardly noticable and its said that 3 people can sit comfortable in Seltos and not in Sonet… wondering how can just 1 cm width makes so much of comfort for the third person. Nonsense