IRDAI recently passed a new circular which has made a valid PUC certificate mandatory for insurance renewal. Find out below how it affects you and whether you can be fined? More about PUC certificate mandatory for insurance renewal below.

What is the new circular?

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IRDAI recently announced a circular in which PUC certificates are now mandatory for insurance renewal. The Supreme Court too took certain steps recently and asked insurance companies not to issue renewals for vehicles without a valid PUC.  The IRDAI showing its co-operation with the judgment has passed this new circular.

What about claims?

Maruti Dzire 2018 accident

The IRDAI’s circular also warns that insurance companies shall not cover any damage claims in the absence of valid PUCC of the vehicle at the time of the accident. This strict clause has been attached to the rule to remind people to regularly check and update their PUCs.

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What is a PUC certificate? Where to get it?

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PUC stands for Pollution-under-control. The PUC certificate verifies whether the combustion engine used in your vehicle meets the required pollution control standards or not.  These pollution control standards are pre-determined by the Government agencies for each class of vehicle.

PUC certificate can be obtained from any authorized emissions testing centre.  You can also find them quite nearby to the petrol pumps.  The average PUC costs range between Rs.60 and Rs.100. 

Fines for Invalid PUC

FineOld FineNew Fine
First violationRs.1, 000Rs. 10,000 or/and 3 months imprisonment
Second violationRs.2, 000Rs.20, 000 or/and 6 months imprisonment

Is e-PUC available?

m parivahan

Starting September 2019, Ministry of Road Transports and Highway in India has asked PUC centres to link emission data with the online vehicle database.  As a result of this, you can easily access PUCC digitally via m-Parivahan or e-Challan apps.

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Exemption from PUC

MG ZS EV in Surat
Surat our first stop – Exiting showroom after charging

Electronic vehicles are exempt from requiring PUCC life-long. India currently has three pure electric vehicles as of now: Hyundai Kona Electric, Tata Nexon EV and MG ZS EV. All these vehicles come with green number plates to differentiate themselves.

Brand-new vehicles too can avoid PUCC up to one year from date of purchase. PUC certificate requires renewal after every six months.

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