On 15th August Mahindra unveiled the Thar and the car was the most awaited product in the market. Although during the short ride of the car the actual experience that is supposed to reach the audience got left behind. What You as customers will face a problem is to pick between the LX and the AX variants of the car. We have laid it down for you in this article so that it becomes easy for you to make your decision.

Engine Options

Now if you want automatic then you will have to go for the LX there is no way around. The AX comes only with manual transmission. Now there are petrol and diesel to choose from in both the variants.

Mahindra engine

Here again, if a petrol manual is your choice then the AX is your only option. We expect the diesel Automatic of the LX variant to be the most expensive variant of the Thar.

Roof settings

Thar roof Soft Top

Another major confusion is the roof settings. The Thar comes with 3 types of roofs – Hardtop, Soft top and Soft Top Removable (convertible). Doors are removable on the hardtop version but there is no confirmation that this feature is not available on the soft top.


The AX variant as standard comes with a soft-top roof which is fixed. This can be further upgraded with an optional extra of a hard-top roof or a convertible. The LX trim does not offer a fixed soft to which is not a big issue as the convertible soft top and hardtop are available.

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Seating Configuration

Thar Seats folded

The AX offers a basic seating with 2 front-facing seats and 4 side-facing seats at the rear. This can be upgraded to front-facing seats with an optional extra. The LX variant comes with 4 front-facing seats as standard. In both the LX and AX variant, the driver seat gets height-adjust and there is an additional lumbar adjustment on the LX variant.

Thar Seats

Along with this, the central remote key locking system is available only on the Hardtop versions. This too does not come as standard and will be an optional extra.

Wheel Size

The AX gets 16-inch steel wheels. These are given as most of the buyers will invest in better and wider aftermarket tyres. The LX gets alloy wheels which are bigger in size at 18 inches and they come with 225/65 tyres.

Thar wheel


Along with the Tyres, the offroad capabilities of the vehicle also changes. The AX which is more offroad oriented gets a mechanical locking differential but the LX on the other hand gets an electronic brake differential. A lot more electronics are offered on the LX variant and the car is much easier to live with. The AX on other hand allows the user to take control of most of the things with a manual air conditioner and other things.

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The LX offers LED and some other features which bring bling to the car. Although the car does not get LED at the primary headlight in both variants the AX looks better with its no LED look.

Infotainment x

Now it is up to you to decide which one you want and if the LX gives you the comfort or babysits you with all the electronics. If you are looking at Thar with a vehicle which you will take to places and push it limits the go for the Diesel AX variant with manual transmission and then do aftermarket addons.

Thar Sturcture

If Thar for you will be your daily car and you might take it for a long drive to some mountains then the LX is the perfect option the petrol automatic will give you a slight refinement than the Diesel.

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  • should i go for a Ax or LX as i need 6 seater with more luggage space, Hard top, Alloy wheels, and music system…And wait for after market to come in. Or take LX and convert seats to side facing

  • Dear Rachit,

    My self Ankit Patel from Vadodara, My daily running in car arround 250 km to 300 km. and since last 10 years i was using different diesel car AT and that all are hachback. Now i am looking for new and kind SUV and i am confuse in this segment could you please suggest between Nexon, Thar, Urban Crusier or any other. and mainly Petrol or Diesel.

    Ankit Patel