Oils are really important as we talk about any engine. Getting a good oil for your car is like giving it a treat for the service that it has given us and also for the service that it will give us further. Now if we specifically talk about diesel oils then Total Diesel Oil range is not only wide but also has some features that set it apart.

Not getting into details which oil offers what and explaining the range lets generally look at Total Diesel Oil and their features. Diesel engines work at q much higher compression ratio, which adds on to the pressure inside the chamber and the oil is vital to maintain the temperatures and reduce the friction for smooth running. The modern-day diesel engines are running at a much higher pressure since the time common rail direct injection has come in – this adds on to temperatures on the engine. There is proper segregation to choose from according to your vehicle type and the type of oil you are looking for.

Key Features

Age Resistance Technology


The Age Resistance Technology as the name suggest prevents the engine from wear and tear. Now you might be thinking don’t all oils do the same? The ART prevents sludge buildup in the engine. The oxidation is controlled due to that. Now, this sets of a chain reaction and that too a good one where your engine is kept clean. Also, there is a detergent formulation in diesel oils which keeps the engine clean.

Severe Condition Reliability

Key Features Of Total Diesel Oil

Having a good oil in your vehicle makes it more reliable. Diesel Oils provides reliability in cold temperatures too. This also means that when you stress your engine the oil too plays a part to ease of some of it by giving power and performance where it is not expected.


Total diesel oil

The viscosity of the oil is important but the range at which temperatures it remains viscous also matters. There is one of the oil from Total Lubricants which is there for both types of diesel as well as a petrol car and has advanced viscometric technology which reduces the oil resistance which might ultimately lead to power loss. The forces acted by the oil are kept minimum and the user gets to make optimum use of the power available.

Drain Interval

Total Truck oil

For the commercial users out there, drain interval matters a lot as that adds to the maintenance of the engine. Total also specialises in a specific diesel oil that increases the drain intervals. This oil is for commercial vehicles and supports a lot of brands too.
The Total Lubricants site provides a point-wise explanation for each type of oil. Oil is really important to keep your vehicle healthy and if it is a source of earning for you then you should definitely think before investing.

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