In a recent update from Auto car the Citroen Berlingo was spotted in India while doing some test runs. Now before we start speculating anything about if this car is going to come to India or not let’s get to know what this car is and what does it already offer.

Citreon Brand

As brand Citreon has not officially started its journey of the Indian Market. They have shown plans to launch the C5 Aircross and the showroom have been built. More on that here – Expect Citroen in the Market Soon!. The Citroen is a french brand and in the Indian Market at this stage, a new brand is very unclear of its progress. The buying behaviour has shifted and with the whole Make in India movement a lot of foreign manufacturers see themselves in danger.

Citroen Berlingo

Citroen Berlingo is a van by the company and is very appreciated for its value for money offering in the markets where it is available. It offers features of a Van and an MPV in on package. The one that was spotted in India was a lower-trim version of the Citroen Berlingo.

Citroen Berlingo Key Features

Side Sliding Doors – These doors will allow access to the car where there is not much space to open the door. Sliding doors are also easy for the ingress into the car. They also allow a larger window area. This does affect structural integrity but not a major effect. The mechanism is a bit complicated and does add up to maintenance. Also, there haven’t been many cars with sliding doors and we would like to see how people take to this comeback of an old design.

Citroen Berlingo

Flat Floor- A flat floor in the second row will increase the comfort for the 3. In addition to that it does also fold all the seat in level to give a flat van floor feeling. This offers the highest amount of space in any van as compared to its competition.

Indian Scenario

Citroen Berlingo

In India, Vans are not considered as family vehicles as it is the case in other countries where this vehicle is sold. MPVs like the Innova are considered over vans and there is a stigma related to the looks of the car. Also if the price is too high and the luxury quotient is missing then this Citroen Berlingo will not win the hearts of the SUV hunting buyers in India. If Citreon is bringing this car somewhere at the price of the Maruti Ertiga then it might take to the Fancy of the India Customers.

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