Stricter emission norms are taking their toll on vehicles quite easily. Manufacturers had to ditch many models or engines due to the BS6 emission norms. These norms, however, will only become stricter in the future. Electrification is the only convenient solution without any issues of emission.

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Many car manufacturers have already launched pure EVs in the country. Bikes and scooters are available too. But what if you get an EV bullet? Will you buy it? 

What does the company have to say?

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Vinod K. Dasari who is CEO at Royal Enfield India said Electrification is something which the brand is taking very seriously. While no launches or dates were confirmed, it shows that the brand is doing something towards the eminent future.

Royal Enfield Electric Bullet

In the UK, a modifying firm already made a pure EV bullet with an approx. range of 130km. While the cost was unpractical at Rs.19 lakh, it shows that electric bullet can be made. The above price also includes import duties as bike manufactured in India are exported for the UK.  The Royal Enfiled Bullet which was modified was a 500cc model.

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India may get the 350cc EV first due to its affordability and fame. Charging infrastructure in India is also an issue in rural and tier 2 cities where people majorly prefer bullet. 

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Some additional thoughts

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Royal Enfield bullets are known for their classic-ness. And EVs are not classic. The Dug-Dug noise of a bullet is the main feature of the brand. Artificially also the brand will not be able to re-create the sound in EV bikes. While the bike may be perfect for the future, customer requirements will have to change to generate enough sales.

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