A product when introduced in the market has a golden period for the first year then for the next 3 years it usually does sales in a stable way and then starts to see a decline. This is when the company updates the product and gives it a fresh look. All this is done to improve the sales of the product. Now with products like the Toyota Innova which have been for so long in the market just giving a facelift or changing the design is not enough. Now the Innova CNG has been spotted testing many times but let’s try to understand why Toyota might be introducing the product. Here are the reasons for the Toyota Innova CNG.

CNG Cleaner

Toyota CNG

Using CNG for vehicles is slightly greener than using petrol or diesel. It will help to reduce pollution and with a big car like Innova using CNG will drastically reduce both pollution and running costs. With the complete country moving towards cleaner technology like BS6 introducing a CNG will keep it at par. To read more on BS6 click here – Supreme Court Allow BS4 Registrations.

Consistent Performance

Toyota Innova CNG-1

Main stigma related with CNG cars is that they are low on performance. But with the sequential CNG technology, it helps to eliminate that problem. Newer CNG cars have much consistent performance and the power drop is not significant. Also with the new Fi technology, there will be On-board diagnostics which will help to determine any problems easily.

Lower cost base variant

Innova CNG will be specifically targeted to the fleet car segment. We are expecting a new variant in which only basic technology will be included. This will have very basic features and very less fancy bits. All this will result in a low-cost variant which can be used for taxi fleet operations where the Innova is an in-demand product.

Staying with Competition

Innova is a product that has been around for a while and the quality and features on the car are worthy of making a go-to MPV. But with age, the car has got some cheaper alternatives and they offer quirky bits to attract customers. Innova CNG will complete the Innova lineup wherein all 3 engine options will be offered.

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The launch of this car is expected soon after the launch of the Toyota Urban Cruiser. The bookings of the Urban Cruiser have been opened today and the car is expected to launch in the coming week.

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