The Classic 350 from Royal Enfield is one of the top-selling bikes from the Royal Enfield Garage. People are a fan of its looks, affordable price, style statement and road presence. Mahindra Mojo 300, on the other hand, is a different bike with varied styling. It looks more or less like a conventional superbike and is priced rather high. Find out below about Mahindra Mojo 300 vs. Royal Enfield Classic 350.

Engine and Performance

Mahindra Mojo

NameRoyal Enfield Classic 350Mahindra Mojo 300
Max. Power19.1PS@5250rpm25.35PS@7300rpm
Max. Torque28Nm@4000rpm25.6Nm@6000rpm

The table above clearly shows the difference. For a lot less price, you get a punchy bike with domineering road presence. Royal Enfield’s service and maintainability is also easier and cheaper due to huge sales.

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Name`Classic 350Mojo 300
BS4Rs.1.65 lakhRs.1.95 lakh
BS6Rs.1.67 lakhRs.2.00 lakh

Royal enfield classic 500 pegasus

The Royal Enfield Classic 350 definitely costs a lot less than a Mahindra Mojo 300 whilst also give you performance and reliability. Royal Enfield bikes are much more than just bike itself and give a sense of pride like no other.

Premium Paint Prices

Royal Enfield Classic 350

  • Airborne Blue/ Stormrider sand:- 1.78 lakh
  •  Gunmetal Grey:-1.81 lakh 
  • Chrome Black/Stealth Black:- 1.84 lakh.

Mahindra Mojo 350

  • Black Pearl:-2 lakh 
  • Garnet Black:- 2.06 lakh
  •  Ruby Red:- 2.11 lakh
  •  Red Agate:- 2.11 lakh

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Royal Enfield Classic 350

The lower price and a complete value for money product has made the Royal Enfield Classic 350 one of a few fan favourites. The bike easily wins against competition like Mahindra Mojo 300 and Benelli Imperiale 400. All the bikes are BS6 compliant and future-ready. But a sense of pride, which comes from owning a bullet can only be experienced via the Royal Enfield Classic 350.

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