It has been quite a while that Hyundai has introduced the i20 in the International markets for the year 2020. For India, it still remains as the Upcoming Hyundai i20. But a lot has changed over the past few months. So have our expectations also changed! Here is a list of 5 new expectations that we did not have a few months back!

A Bose Sound System?

Hyundai has recently introduced this sound system on the international market and this has sparked the wave of speculation that the Upcoming Indian i20 will also get it! How much ever it sounds good it will also cost more. We might get a premium sound system but a bose sound system might significantly increase the cost.

bose on i20

Hyundai might offer this as an optional addon to meet both ends. We got to remember that if at all this car gets this system then it might make it one of the best sounding music systems in the segment.

Will there be iMT?

The New iMT technology introduced on the Venue we also expect it to make its way to other Hyundai cars. The Upcoming Hyundai i20 might also be one of them. This iMT option did not replace the regular manual transmission on the Venue but with the Upcoming Hyundai i20 things could see a big change.

What's iMT

iMT is a technology where a traditional stick shift set up is given with an automatic clutch.  If you want to know more about iMT click here.

Turbo Petrol Engine?

Hyundai turbo engine

The new trend of providing a car with a turbo petrol engine is also expected to be seen on the Upcoming Hyundai i20. The car might get a sport version which will have this engine along with some leather seats and other features which might make it look and feel sporty. It also might get metal pedal and a flat-bottom steering wheel.

Ventilated seats

Hyundai ventilated seats

Ventilated seats on a car make this a segment-first feature. In a country like India, Heated seats don’t make much sense but ventilated ones might just be the right feature for a premium car like this. This is already seen in some other cars and Hyundai has the technology to at least get it to the topmost variant.

Lane assist

Lane assist has been on the i20 in the international market since 2018. Even though the Indian roads might not be somewhere we will use this feature some but it will be nice to have as a safety net. This might be one of the most over the top expectation from the company but is a one that’s related to the safety of the car.

The Upcoming Hyundai i20 is a car that we have been waiting for long now. We have also come across some spy shots of the car but as the design is already out there is not much that we can see that different from those.

Rear wheel i20

As seen above there is a new alloy wheel design which does look unique and gives the i20 a stance of its own. Also, a shark fin antenna can be seen at the rearmost part of the roof of the car.

Upcoming Hyundai i20

The car was spotted while being fueled up at a petrol pump as it was doing its test runs. We are not sure about what fuel it was being refuelled with but looking at the petrol pump and both the petrol nozzles in place we can assume that this might be a diesel variant.

Upcoming Hyundai i20

The light could have a projector set up but that is not confirmed as the car has been masked pretty tightly. We will keep you updated with more news about this car. For more such content stay subscribed to the Motoroctane Youtube, Google NEWS, Facebook and Twitter


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