The Husqvarna twins have entered the market at a very unlucky time. With the COVID-19 crisis, both the Vitpelin and the Swartpilen have not got the well-deserved exposure. Never the less a test mule of a Husqvarna has been spotted already. Now the question that arises is…Is it Husqvarna 200 or 400?

If you don’t have an idea what Husqvarna is then do check out the video pinned below. They have launched 2 bikes and both of them are 250cc and priced lower than the KTM and look premium.

Bike on Test

As seen below the bike is a complete camofalged version of the Husqvarna Svartpilen. The question that arises if it is a Husqvarna 200 or 400. Both the KTM Engines are in demand and having a premium offering in that range will be make a great choice.

Husqvarana 200

Accoring to a lot of sources this might be the 200cc BS6 KTM engine making this bike the Husqvarna Svartpilen 200. Now there was a 401 that was shown at the EICMA last year. The KTM 390 is the best selling KTM they have out there. With the 390 Adventure in the picture and the 250 getting the new update it already will see some spilt in customers. Having an Husqvarna at par with the KTM 390 Duke will not be a good idea.

Husqvarna 200

The Husqvarna 200 can be seen on the website. This website is for the international models and so the chances of both the bikes is equal. There is no significant things on the bike which confirms that the bike which is seen is the Husqvarana 200.

Husqvarna 401  husqvarna svartpilen 250

If it is a 200cc bike then the engine will make a power of 26bhp and the weight is expected to be lesser than the KTM Duke 200. A good power to weight ratio will make this bike even more exciting to ride.

Husqvarna 401

Other things will be same to that seen on the 250 Husaqvarna. The cycle parts will come from the Duke 200. The bike will be just like putting different parts together and will not require much of development.

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Price and Launch

Pin pointing the price of the Husqvarana 200 will not be possible right now. It will be cheaper than the Duke and one of the most cheapest Husqvarna. The bike will make for the new king of 200cc bikes with the performance that is expected from it. The launch is expected but the end of the year but this will be only true if the bike is unveiled soon!

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