Fossil-fuel powered vehicles are seen as a major culprit for air pollution despite its small contribution. The whole world is already undergoing a complete overall due to COVID and some new changes may be seen in the transport sector in India soon. The current BS6 emission norms were tough to comply by and now the government is thinking of one step ahead. EVs are still in their budding stage in terms of charging infrastructure so they want to modify the already successful alternative, the CNG. Find everything below about Hydrogen enriched CNG India also known as HCNG.

MHROT Hydrogen enriched CNG India

What has the department told?

The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways of India has issued a new draft. The new draft requires suggestion on the inclusion of HCNG. HCNG is also known as hydrogen-enriched CNG. If the draft receives positive feedback it could lead to an amendment to the Central Motor Vehicle Rules 1979.

What is HCNG?

Delhi Government: Better than CNG? Your bus may be more fuel ...

HCNG is just like CNG with some minor tweaks here and there. Firstly HCNG contains hydrogen hence the name HCNG. Chemically speaking HCNG contains about 18 percent of Hydrogen for 100 percent of gas. This alternative fuel can be used in the CNG powered vehicles after slight engine optimization.

What is the benefit of HCNG

Should you buy a petrol, diesel, LPG or CNG car?

CNG is already better than any other fossil fuel-powered car.  The fuel is available cheaply as well is more environmentally friendly. Thanks to the Indian Government CNG infrastructure is quite good in the Indian market. No official price details are available for HCNG as of now.  HCNG, however, has undergone testing and initial results show lower emissions compared to CNG. Scientifically speaking HCNG produces lower CO (Carbon Monoxide), methane and THC (Total hydrocarbon emissions). The test results also showcase that HCNG is better than any other fossil fuel in terms of fuel consumption.

What will this technology cost?

Delhi CNG pump Hydrogen enriched CNG India

Cost is a major deciding factor and reports suggest that it will be meagre. HCNG can be easily installed into CNG pipelines and bus depots.  Test phase of this new fuel may take place in Delhi due to its better CNG infrastructure. First 50 busses fitted with HCNG kit will be tested for practicality. 

Can you help for Hydrogen enriched CNG India?

The Ministry draft is open to suggestions from the common man and stake-holders. Everyone can send their comments and opinions to the Joint Secretary(MVL), Ministry of Road Transport and Highways by email or post within 30 days.


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