The recently there has been news of a turbocharged RE Himalayan which has been creating waves in the biking community. There is much more to this than it meets the eye. The bike has been done several modifications and here we are explaining them one by one.


Before we get to the other bits lets take a look at the main modification because of which the bike has got its fame. The Turbocharger is attached to the 411cc engine which used to produce 21.4 bhp of power.

Turbocharged RE Himalayan

It is a Garrett GT 125 turbocharger and it overall increases the power of the bike to 50 bhp. The other features include a free flow filter, fuel pump and regulator. The Royal Enfield has also made a promotional video for this bike. You can take a look at it here.

Other Features

Turbocharged RE Himalayan

To begin with the design of the bike it does have a very roach kind of look. This look of the bike needs an acquired taste and only a select few people will take fond of it. Never they less the bike does not lose on Himalayan’s core design.

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Turbocharged RE Himalayan

To begin with, instead of the round headlamp, there is a 4 LED cluster unit. Behind these, there are new USD forks which also might be placed on a newer triple clamp changing the rake angle. The chassis has not been changed but it has been painted to give it a vibrant look. The front wheel is not changed but the brakes seem to have improved.

Turbocharged RE Himalayan

The bike has a single rider seat and it has a strap down look. The rear has got a tail tidy giving it a hooligan look at the rear. The quarter panel of the bike has been kept unchanged but right below it is a single-sided swingarm.

The single-sided swingarm on the Turbocharged RE Himalayan enhances the other side of the bike. The rear wheel is wider but at the same time, it is knobby. The Turbocharger system has been placed under the seat.

Turbocharged RE Himalayan

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