Yamaha has unvield their adventure bike a few months back. The FZ 25 was bought to the market as a premium 250cc commuter but looking at the shift in the market the company has deciede to give it certain cosmetic changes which keeps it up-to-date with the current trends as well as push it towards the community of the adventure troureres. Lets take at look at the BS6 Yamaha FZ-S 25 and its price.


BS6 Yamaha FZ-S 25 is the special variant and it is priced at Rs 1.57 lakhs. This is however only Rs 5,000 more than the FZ25 which does not come with the few touring add-ons. The BS6 model of the bike does become overall 15,000 more expensive but that does translate into more than just a BS6 engine upgrade.

BS6 Yamaha FZ-S 25

The bike that is seen in the above image is the FZ 25 which is a slightly lower variant.

What are the Changes?

The change on this bike has been explained here, still, for the newer readers, most of the changes are cosmetic. The frame remains the same but the engine has been tuned for BS6 engine norms.

BS6 Yamaha FZ-S 25 engine

The engine now makes 20.8 BHP of power and the torque is 20.1 Nm. As the power has gone a bit down the weight has increased by 1kg. Now whether this affects the performance of not has to be deciphered in the actual road test. For that stay tuned to over Youtube channel or follow us on Google now so whenever we upload a video on the same, you will be notified.


There is a side stand cut-off that is added as a new feature to this update.

Colours and Cosmetics

The other feature updates include a new LED light the same as the one on the MT-15. The FZS 25 gets a tall windshield and the one on the FZ 25 is a smaller one. Other most catchy feature of the bikes are the knuckle guards. These also improve the adventure bike vibe.

Yamaha FZS BS6

On the BS6 Yamaha FZ-S 25, there is better protection for the engine with an underbody cowl. We soon will put it against the other Adventure bike and see how far it takes the adventure quotient with respect with the others.

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