BGauss electric scooter has brought in 2 scooters for India. The BGauss has introduced 2 models for India with 2 battery types. The type of battery is how they have been able to price it low at Rs 52,499. Let’s get to know what BGauss electric has to offer and understand their lineup.

Who sells them?


BGauss is sold by RR Global. You can book any of the scooters at a low booking price of Rs 3,000. There are a total of 5 scooters ranging from Rs 52,499 to Rs 88,999.  The lineup is explained ahead. Basically there are 2 models – A2 and B8.

BGauss Electric A2


The BGauss electric A2 has 2 variants. One is a lead-acid battery type and the other one uses a lithium-ion battery. The lead-acid battery is cheaper to manufacture and the parts used are low cost. This allows the scooter to be priced very low. We can’t overlook the fact that lead-acid battery does require some regular maintenance.

BGauss Electric ScooterPrice
A2 Lead-acidRs 52,499
A2 Lithium-IonRs 67,999

The motor on the A2 is a 250W motor. This gives it a top speed of about 25 km/h which is a bit less. Therefore this scooter does not make for a good road companion. What might be good for commercial use like delivering food and in the vicinity. Also, the lead-acid battery takes around 7-8 hr for charging and that is a big bummer. The lithium-ion, on the other hand, takes only 2 – 3 hr.

There is no information about the range on the A2 model.

BGauss Electric B8

BGauss electric

The B8 model comes in 3 variants. At the base, we have the lead-acid battery variant with a range of 78 km. The B8 claims a top speed of 50 km/hr. The other 2 variants make use of lithium-ion battery and give a range of 70 km.

BGauss Electric ScooterPrice
B8 Lead-acidRs 62,999
B8 Lithium-ionRs 82,999
B8 Lithium TechRs 88,999

The charging time on the lithium-ion battery is drastically less at around 3 hr whereas the lead-acid battery takes 7 hr to charge. The B8 model gets a top speed of 50 km/h. This model is also expected to get Geo-based services like geo-fencing and tracking.

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BGauss Electric Features

These scooters are expected to come with 3 riding modes. They will be offered in 3 colours namely – blue, white and grey. For security, there will be anti-theft motor locking with alarm. The scooters will have LED panels and day time running lights and keyless start. It will also have USB charging and reverse assist on the topmost variant.

BGauss electric

The deliveries of these scooters are to be seen in the month of August. For more such content stay subscribed to the Motoroctane Youtube, Google NEWS, Facebook and Twitter


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