Driving a vehicle with temporary numberplates will now be a criminal offence. Along with this, there are new norms which are issued by the Road Transport ministry for the colour coding of the number of plates. Here is a complete account of all that has changed along with the new law for Temporary Number Plates.

What is prohibited

The New law states that driving a vehicle with Temporary Number Plates i.e with a number in red or on a piece of paper is now illegal. Also, nothing is allowed apart from the English Alphabets and Arabic numerals. This is also applicable for the number plates that are auctioned by the state well known as VIP numbers.’Temporary number

All this result in all those number plates to be illegal which do not follow these norms.  In India, there is a big market for fancy number plates and vehicle owners take pride in having a very unique looking number plate. Although now number plates won’t be unique looking but the VIP number plates can be purchased at the state auction.Temporary number 2

The CRVM (Central Motor Vehicles Rule) states that the vehicles except for 2 wheelers and 3 wheelers will have a set number for height thickness and space at 65mm, 10mm and 10mm respectively.

Why So Specific?

This Change has been done as the camera which identifies the number can not pick up numbers of the vehicles which have a number other than uniform number display. The uniformity in number plates is necessary for better readability and for automated recognition.

Temporary Number Plates

Also Anil Chikara a Delhi Transport Official said that a lot of instances of criminals misusing vehicles with temporary number plates have come forward. The identification of numbers on the temporary number plate is difficult and being a piece of paper it can be easily removed.

Temporary Number Plates

With the Law of HSRP (High Security Registration Plates) the government is trying to improve the accountability of the vehicle user. With these new amends to the law the better implementation of the law is expected.

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