Under the Make in India initiative, the Nissan Magnite will be the next vehicle from the product from the company.  The Nissan Magnite is something that has been designed for India bringing all the features from the global SUVs. Today it was showcased as Nissan Magnite Concept and here is all that we expect from the car.

Magnite Concept

Nissan Magnite Concept

The Magnite concept does not look way overdone. It does look like a car which could make to production right away. What is now expected to change on this vehicle are the things that increase the price but are not necessary for a vehicle that has to make it an optimum priced vehicle.

Nissan Magnite Concept

Taking a look at the image above the concept looks bold. this is due to the dual-tone treatment and the intelligent use of the shoulder line over the wheel arches. The car does somewhat look like the older generation Creta. Will it replicate the success of the Creta?



From the front, the car does look like it takes inspiration from its Datsun siblings. The big hexagonal grille gives a feeling of the Datsun and makes it look like a small car. Another thing that eats up the bulk is the front faux skid plate. This might be eliminated or changed into something more subtle on the production vehicle.


The headlight unit gives the front all its stance. To does look solid and the daytime running lights make it look a bit aggressive. The usage of chrome is toned down a little at the front.

Magnite Rear

As said earlier, from the rear the car does remind you of the older gen Hyundai Creta. It features a big skid plate which cuts the visual bulk at the rear but does not lose out on the bold styling. This all comes from the faux skid plate. This is expected to tone down a bit in the production model.

Which Segment?

Nissan Magnite Concept

As we have mentioned the Creta a few time we do feel the need to clarify that this is a B-Segment SUV. It will go against the likes of the Hyundai Venue and Tata Nexon. This segment has been the most innovative segment of the lot. This is one more hurdle that Nissan has to face while pricing the car. They either will have to offer great introductory prices or give the car some technology like the Hyundai iMT to keep it in the competition.

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When is the Launch?

Nissan Magnite Concept

The company did not announce details about the launch of this car but they did mention that the car will be seen within the financial year. As more information about the car comes we will keep you updated. For now the Nissan Magnite Concept does looks promising and is expected to create waves in the industry.

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