Turbochargers, the secret weapon to obtain more power from smaller engines, has been repeatedly used by manufacturers to provide performance in budget. The stricter emission norms in the form of BS6 have forced the manufacturers to ditch the high capacity Diesel and Petrol engines. All the cars mentioned below will satisfy your NEED for SPEED! Read the article below about Petrol cars for Enthusiasts under Rs.10 lakh.

Why is a turbocharger used?

The turbocharger on a small capacity engine provides more power compared to the naturally aspirated counterparts.  This gives the manufacturers an opportunity to downsize the engine displacement for better fuel efficiency, thus making it a more powerful, economical and cleaner choice.

5) Volkswagen Polo TSI

The new BS6 Volkswagen Polo comes with a 1.0-litre turbocharged petrol engine which produces the same performance output figures as the 1.2-litre BS4 sibling.  Maximum power of 110Ps and a peak torque of 175Nm is available.  This car is on the last place on our list due to a specific reason. This model of the car is very old and pricy. For a better alternative to Volkswagen Polo according to Motor Octane read on below.

Highline PlusRs.8.02 lakh6-speed manual
Highline Plus ATRs.9.12 lakh6-speed torque converter automatic
GTRs.9.59 lakh6-speed torque converter automatic

10 Petrol cars enthusiasts

4) Skoda Rapid TSI

A much better alternative to Volkswagen Polo, any day.  Skoda recently launched the most affordable variant of Skoda Rapid known as the Rapid Rider for Rs.7.49 lakh. This variant costs  Rs.53,000 less compared to the nearest Polo.  You get the same engine and performance figures as Polo but with the added benefit of a sedan. 

Rapid RiderRs.7.49 lakh6-speed manual
Rapid AmbitionRs.9.99 lakh6-speed manual


3) Hyundai Grand i10 Nios Turbo

Hyundai Grand i10 Nios

Hyundai launched the turbocharged variant of the Grand i10 Nios on the Auto Expo 2020 and the car went for sell one month later.  This car also has a 1.0-litre turbocharged Petrol engine which produces a Maximum Power output of 100Ps and a Peak torque of 172Nm.

Sportz TurboRs.7.7 lakh5-speed manual
Sportz Turbo Dual toneRs.7.75 lakh5-speed manual


2) Hyundai Venue Turbo

Hyundai Venue 2020

The highest-selling compact-SUV in the country also has a meaner engine option available for purchase.  It was the first Hyundai car to be offered with a turbocharged Petrol engine. The 1.0-litre Turbo GDi engine produces a maximum power output of 120Ps and a peak torque of 172Nm. Hyundai also recently launched an iMT transmission which will be available for purchase with this variant.

SRs.8.45 lakh6-speed manual
S DCTRs.9.59 lakh7-speed DCT auto
SXRs.9.78 lakh6-speed manual
SX Dual toneRs.9.93 lakh7-speed DCT auto


1) Tata Nexon

The number one car on our list is the ‘Vocal for Local’ product, the Tata Nexon. The car’s BS6 update received 1.2-litre three-cylinder turbocharged petrol engine which produces a maximum power output of 120Ps and a peak torque of 170Nm. This car has the highest displacement engine on the list.  Tata wants to boost sales in India and is providing exciting discounts for customers among all its offerings.

XERs.6.94 lakh6-speed manual
XMRs.7.7 lakh6-speed manual
XMA AMTRs.8.3 lakh6-speed AMT
XZRs.8.69 lakh6-speed manual
XZ+Rs.9.5 lakh6-speed manual
XZ+ Dual toneRs. 9.7 lakh6-speed manual

nexon facelift 10 Petrol cars enthusiasts

Tata understands the Indian market well and has provided a variant for each price bracket customer. Tata Nexon is the top choice of MotorOctane for car below Rs.15 lakh. This car also has an added benefit of being a Bharat product!

All the above cars will satisfy your hunger for performance under budget. The Tata Nexon is highly recommended followed by the Rapid Rider. We will advise you to stay away from Volkwagen Polo as it was included in our list of Top cars to avoid. Visit the MotorOctane YouTube channel to find out more about Petrol cars for Enthusiasts under Rs.10 lakh.


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