Royal Enfield Meteor is been long-awaited now. There have been multiple spottings of the vehicle while being tested.  This time the bike has been spotted without camouflage. Find out more about the launch of the Royal Enfield Meteor and its features that set it apart from the other Royal Enfield Bikes.

New Spy Shots

The latest spy shots of the vehicle are completely non-camouflaged. The bike has a glossy paint with no other colour to break the monotony. The engine is a chrome piece and grabs a lot of attention due to the colour contrast.

Royal Enfield 350 Meteor

As seen on the previous models there is a single-pod instrument cluster. The engine casing is also different from the regular 350 casing. The chain is on the left side and the right features a disc brake. There is a split seat setup but it looks wide and gives a feeling of being comfortable.


With the new spy shots we notice that there will be 2 different engine colours. The first spy shots were seen with an all-black engine but now the engine is seen in Chrome. We feel that the Royal Enfield Meteor will come in 2 variant like the Royal Enfield Thunderbird and Thunderbird X.

Royal Enfield Meteor 350

There is no branding on the bike so we expect the stickering to give the bike contrast colouring. The engine is also a bit different from the pushrod system replaced with the SOHC setup as seen in a lot of modern bikes. The engine appears to be air-cooled although an oil-cooled engine was expected to deal with the heating problem of the engine. The Meteor was also seen with a new set of handlebar switches. These have never been seen on any other Royal Enfield bike and they are expected to feature on all the new bikes henceforth.

The gearbox of the vehicle is expected to be a 6-speed unit giving better cruising speeds and efficiency numbers. This bike has a lot of high expectation in terms of change from Royal Enfield. But why was the launch delayed?

Delayed Launch

There was a rumour that the bike was slated to launch in June. The company has obviously faced some problems in the manufacturing process due to COVID-19 crisis. Also launching a bike when there is not much of buying positivity will be a risk for the company.


Spotting of a non-camouflaged test vehicle indicates that there is a chance that we might see a launch soon. For now, 2 colours on the bike have been confirmed from the spy shots. The black does look like a very basic colour and this might be the base edition of the vehicle.

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