3D Display

The new 3D display on the interior us made by using a combination LCD display with special pixel structure and a controllable LCD aperture grille. This allows to get the 3D effect with out 3D glasses.

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MBUX Facial Recognition

On the MBUX infotainment system at the rear, the user can scan a QR code and his prefered settings can be directly applied. The Screens at the rear are not just screens but also interactive methods of sharing address and contributing to the driver without much input. Also, there is facial recognition which can store up to 7 faces.

Smart Preventive Safety

With all this recognition technology the car can also notice that someone is getting in or out of the car. The MBUX infotainment will analyse and flash the ambient lighting red if opening the door will cause an accident. The S-Class will be the first Mercedes car with AR (augmented reality) for the heads up display. It offers navigation for the driver on the screen. The AR will also appear on the centre infotainment system but that will totally beat the purpose as the driver will take his eyes off the road.

Mercedes has the S-Class launch planned in 3 phase digital presentation. The introduction of the Updated MBUX infotainment was the second part. The complete reveal of the car will be seen in September. Stay subscribed to our Youtube channel and follow us on Google News, Facebook, Telegram and Twitter.


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