A tough vehicle made even tougher. The owner of Tata Safari from Haryana has modified it into a 6×6 at least by the looks of it. But is it actually an SUV which is a 6×6 offroader or an illusion. Take a look at this Tata Safari 6×6 and know all about it!


How much did it cost?

Tata Safari 6x6

The complete transformation of this Tata Safari costs into a Tata Safari 6×6 is Rs 8 lakhs. The car was originally a 4×4 Tata Safari Dicor. It does feature some stickers from the Ladhak Expedition concept that was shown at the Auto Expo 2014. It also has the Velociraptor 6×6 stickers on the side which remind of the Velociraptor 6×6 from USA Hennessey performance.

What is changed?

Tata Safari 6x6

The biggest change is the extended length and extra axel. We will come back to that later as there is a catch in there. The other minor changes include a blacked-out grille.  Also, a stone deflector has been added. The LED auxiliary lights are attached to the roof. The rear window area has been increased and this has raised concerns about the structural integrity of the Tata Safari 6×6. All the increase in space does not translate on the inside. It still has the same amount of space for the passengers. the only thing that has changed is the boot space, it has become massive.

Not a Real 6×6

The Tata Safari 6×6 is not an actual offroader 6×6 vehicle. As said before the modifications are only cosmetic. The rear-most axel is not live and it just acts like the wheels for support and looks. All that this does is take the weight of the extended portion. And of course, it will exert some load on the engine as the car is a 4×4 tuned to pull a certain amount of weight. So instead of increasing the capabilities of the vehicle, it is actually taking away some of then.

Tata Safari 6x6

It all comes down to what the owner wants. The modification was done for space and there it excels. The owner has accepted that this modification has no performance benefits and is ok with that. There is also the problem of structural regulation by the RTO which could be a big problem as the car could be seized for wrongly modifying. All in all, it is a treat to the eye and the car does look good attracting a lot of attention on social media. Click here

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