Hyundai, the Korean carmaker recently launched an eco-friendly EV bus in Seoul, its headquarters.  The new electric bus promises to be an economical as well as an ecological alternative.  Hyundai has dubbed the bus as ‘County Electric’ and serves as a better alternative to diesel-powered buses. Continue reading below to find more about Hyundai launches Electric Bus.

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What does Hyundai have to say?

Yoon Lee Vice President and Head, Hyundai Commercial Vehicles said: “County Electric is a zero-emission bus that offers tremendous safety and convenience features for drivers and passengers. With demand for electric vehicles rising in the commercial vehicle market, Hyundai is accelerating its introduction of vehicles such as the County Electric.”

How much time does it take to charge?

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Hyundai has included a 128kWh lithium-ion battery pack with the new electric bus. A DC fast charger can charge the battery fully within 72 minutes while regular charging takes about 17 hours.  For all those in the global market who ask, “Kitna deti hai?” Hyundai claims a driving range of approximately 250kms on a single full charge.

Specifications and Features

Hyundai County Electric is 7.7 meters long and is available in multiple seating configurations. Seating options from 15 to 33 are available for use.  Hyundai has also given adequate importance to necessary Safety features.  There are ultrasonic sensors on the doors of the bus which prevent them from closing while passengers are entering or leaving the bus.  Hyundai has also included features like Parking Assist, Traffic assistance and preventive acceleration.

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The driver seat is heated and ventilated.  There are 3 displays available for the driver. A 7-inch LCD screen takes the centre-stage with two auxiliary 4.2-inch screens which shows different statistics regarding the bus. There is also a multi-purpose steering wheel with controls embedded and smart key system for the higher trims.

Engine and Performance

The Electric Bus provides 30% per cent faster acceleration compared to Diesel busses in the initial 50-80km range.  Hyundai has equipped the bus with an electrically controlled (AOH) air-over-hydraulic brake system with more robust brake discs to handle increased vehicle weight due to battery.

The electric bus is also available with twin swing-type rear emergency doors, seats with 220-mm higher backrest and a new seatbelt system which can reduce abdominal pressure during emergency braking. Above are all the details available of Hyundai launches Electric Bus as of now.

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