We already have made a video on Top 10 cars for purchase after lockdown. We also have made a video on Top 5 cars for first-time car buyers. Today, however, we will talk about Top 5 cars to avoid purchasing after the lockdown. 

Origins and Need

India is one of the largest automobile sectors now in the global landscape.  Indian Car Market was the fourth largest in 2018.  3 million new cars and 3.6 million used cars are sold in India annually.  As a result, this demands brands to be competitive among them and provide better quality for lesser money.

Top 5 Cars to Avoid After Lockdown

However, things were always not like this. When India opened its market for foreign companies 25 years ago, car manufacturers had a different ideology. They believed we did not require much innovation and as a result, sold old cars in our market.  Our market was indirectly underrated compared to the global scope.  Ford Escoworth, Astra, Corsa were some of the initial offerings.  The above-said cars had already been discontinued globally.  Today the situation is drastically different and needs tough competition and modern innovation. The below list though shows 5 cars which have been discontinued globally or a new facelift is available for purchase.  Much better cars are available for purchase for a lower price and buying the below mentioned 5 cars sends a wrong message on behalf of India. 

List of Avoidable Cars

Volkswagen Polo

1)      Volkswagen Polo: We already have made a video on Top 5 reasons to avoid Volkswagen Polo.  A new generation of this car was already launched in Germany in 2017 but still is not available in India for purchase.  For the same price, you can get a turbocharged Skoda Rapid which has a better ride and drive and is also a sedan.  Both are different segment cars but are priced similar. As a result, you can realize that VW thinks they could sell POLO at a more premium price than its worth and people would still consider it.

Kia Carnival 2021

2)      Kia Carnival: This premium MPV was launched in India at the Auto Expo 2020 in February.  But only 6 months later, a new generation of this car was launched globally.  But India will still get only the older model for purchase.  Think of yourself as someone who brought a 20 lakh+ car and realizes that in 2-3 months your car will be outdated.  It is really not acceptable for Indian consumers.

New 2020 renault duster

3)      Renault Duster:  Duster has been Motor Octane’s quite favourite car but the car is old now. The Duster is originally made by DACIA, a sister brand of Renault. The company sells the car in eastern Europe which is not as developed as India in the car market but still has got a new generation Duster for sale there.  The car has received multiple facelifts in India but ditched the Diesel and AWD functionalities.


4)      Maruti Suzuki ALTO: The highest seller of Maruti is on our list and it is no surprise.   But to be honest this car is super old now and Indian consumers need to move on now.  You can always buy an S-Presso in place of the Alto.  The S-Presso is a newer product, with more features at a slightly higher price and is a much more sensible option to purchase.  If people keep buying the old ALTO, Maruti will keep producing it. Consumers need to stop buying old cars and force the manufacturer to pay better attention to newer models. Kwid, Celerio or Tiago can also be considered in place of Alto.

Nissan Micra 2020
Micra Exteriors

5)      Nissan Micra and Sunny: This car was the best of their segments when launched but the old age now seems to catch up to them.  Micra came in 2010 and is already discontinued globally. This car is not a tough competition against the present market conditions and much better options are available for purchase.

We do not have any grudge against any particular car brand or country but want you to realize the better options available.  Why should Indians consider them buying if the above-mentioned cars have been discontinued globally?

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